The ultimate erotic massage guide for Christmas

Not sure of what to get your significant other for Christmas? Well, have you ever thought about a massage? You can go to a professional or make it a bit more special and give it to them yourself. Why not make them a little IOU booklet and fashion a little voucher for various massage therapies? If you’re a total newbie on massage or just want to educate yourself a bit more, our guide to the world of erotic massages will help. Read on!

The best massage for deep romance

If you’re after a deeply arousing, romantic massage that awakens the fire and passion in your relationship, a sensual massage is the choice for you. A sexy combination of sensual and bodily arousal, the sensual massage is designed to stimulate the senses, calm the mind and cause deep sexual arousal. Of all the erotic massage styles, the sensual massage is by far the most romantic. To try this one out, dim the lights, light some scented candles and gently cover your lover in aromatherapy oils. Softly stroke their body and tease them until they beg you for release.

The best massage for lusty, all-night-long sex

For a massage that sets you up for a steamy session that rocks your world, try a tantric massage. It’s a massage that was made for prolonging sexual tension and creating intense pleasure. The tantric massage is an agonisingly slow therapy that involves teasing touches and lingering sexual chemistry. Burn incense and stroke massage oil tantalisingly down your lover’s body. Watch their body shake with desire.

The best massage for intimacy

If you want romantic intimacy that tingles your body and excites your mind, a body to body massage is the perfect choice. Trickle massage oil down your lover’s naked body and smooth it all over. Press your body against your lover’s and slowly stroke your bare body up and down theirs. Feel every inch of their nakedness touching yours. A body to body massage is insanely intimate and bound to get you both steamed up!

The best massage for unique, sexy foreplay

For an experience that is truly unique in every single way, add a nuru massage to your to-do list immediately. An exotic Japanese massage that was created in the red light districts of the land of the rising sun, nuru massage involves using your body to massage your lover and nothing but the smoothness of your skin and a special gel for lubrication. The gel, which is made from seaweed, is extremely slippery. Start your session with a sexy shower to warm up your bodies before slathering the gel all over your naked skin. Then climb on top and start sliding! You’re bound to be driven crazy by the erotic sensations.

The best massage for back-arching pleasure

If you want to curl your toes in absolute ecstasy, a lingam (for men) or yoni (for women) massage is the best choice. Lingam means penis and yoni means vagina. Both massages are ancient tantra-style massages that work to ‘worship’ these organs, giving them the pampering they deserve. Stroke massage oil all over your lover’s naked body before gently stimulating their most delicate parts. Combine slow, gentle strokes with rougher, more passionate pumps and watch your lover cry out in desire.

The best massage for tingling the senses

Deeply stimulating and sensually exciting, an erotic massage can keep your lover coming back for more every time. If you’re looking for a massage that can awaken the caveman in you, choose an erotic massage. For an enhanced experience, combine with a sensual massage by depriving your lover of some senses, such as using blindfolds.

The best massage for the naughtiest of experiences

For the ultimate fantasy, opt for a 4 Hands massage. Something that’s not for the faint-hearted, you can take your erotic naked massage to the next level by adding another naked lady (or man) to the mix. A 4 Hands massage is called that because it literally involves two masseuses and thus, four hands. Imagine getting your bare body rubbed by two naked women or men. Two pairs of hands can reach more places and stroke more sensitive spots on your body. Doesn’t the thought excite you?

The best massage for an explosive orgasm (for men)

For the gift that just keeps on giving, give the prostate massage a go. A therapy that’s not for the faint hearted, the prostate massage involves erotic stimulation of the prostate gland. Did you know that this gland is actually known as the male G-spot? Well then you can guess how pleasurable it can be! Start with a simple naked bodily massage to arouse your partner before gently inserting a gloved, lubricated finger into their rectum. Slowly reach upwards and gentle ‘tickle’ the gland. It might feel a little strange but always be gentle. We recommend combining the massage with a lingam massage. So, reach round and grasp your lover’s penis. A combination of the G-spot stimulation and erotic penis massage will drive him wild! Prepare for a very explosive, full body orgasm.

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