Foot fetish massage

When it comes to what turns us on, we all have our own kinks and fetishes towards certain proclivities. When we think about what attracts us to somebody, for some people it is a witty sense of humour and a banging personality while others need that off the scale physical chemistry to get them going. And while these are pretty standard attributes to look for in a possible lover, some people have an unashamed fondness for things that aren’t so conventional, with the most common being a foot fetish. Most of us cringe at the thought of a sexual partner devoting their attention to our trotters, but there is a whole group of people out there who are bemused by the prospect of worshipping our feet in the bedroom. When a person has a foot fetish, touching, sniffing or smelling of the feet can be a huge trigger point for arousal, turning the person on so much that they are able to reach climax. Having a foot fetish is like any kind of spectrum, while some people enjoy getting those little piggy’s involved every now and again, some people need the feet to be involved to achieve climax and to feel sexual gratification. If you want to enter 2020 with resolutions that will make your year more adventurous and exciting then why not visit our Asian massage parlour in central London and opt for our foot fetish package? This unique package gives you the chance to either have the masseuse worship your feet, or you can tend to the masseuses!

What are fetishes?

“A more detailed and expanded definition is that fetishism is a condition wherein non-living objects are used as the exclusive or consistently preferred method of stimulating sexual arousal. There are many different kinds of fetishisms and many are socially acceptable. Among fetishisms that are acceptable is the use of perfumes, seductive clothes and mementos. Usually the fetishist obtains sexual excitation by kissing, tasting, fondling, or smelling the object. It appears that most fetishists are males and most use such objects while masturbating alone or with another. It is often used as a form of foreplay which progresses towards coitus. In fetishism purely, however, the fetishist’s action or behaviour takes primary attention.” (Source:

Why should you visit us for our foot fetish package?

It is fair to say that foot fetish massages aren’t for everyone, but that doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t enjoy them if it’s what you’re into. Those who stick their nose up at a foot fetish may be rather flippant at any suggestion of foot play which can make you feel embarrassed or ashamed of your kink, meaning you never actually get to explore it as much as you want to. Here at Bliss Body to Body, we want to ensure that our loyal customers have the opportunity to have all of their sexual needs and desires met, no matter how unconventional they are. Our massage therapists strive to make each session individual and unique to suit the customer, and they will always ask you what you want to achieve from your massage appointment so that you can get exactly what you want. The session will begin with the masseuse performing a full body to body massage on the customer, working on any areas of muscle pain or tension to help relieve the body and mind. Once you are fully relaxed and in the zone the masseuse will allow you to use her feet to help reach climax. Through sniffing, kissing, licking and sucking, our skilled masseuse can perform oral or hand relief on your intimate areas while you use her feet to help keep yourself aroused and heighten the pleasure.

Special requests

As we mentioned before, your foot fetish can be anywhere on the spectrum, which is why we offer special requests for our customers. Some of these are;
  • Choice of footwear
  • Choice of socks
  • Choice of nail varnish colour
  • Choice of clean or dirty feet
  • What masseuse you have for your session
  • Whether the legs/feet are shaved or hairy
  • Whether food or lubricant is involved

Booking a foot fetish session with us

Booking an appointment with us for your foot fetish massage session is simple and quick. You can contact us via sms, landline or by email and we are open daily between the hours of 6 am until 3 am. We have various different erotic massage parlours based in Shepherd's Bush and in all central London that are based on private and discreet areas that are close to local transport links such as the tube. We provide both incall and outcall services, therefore if you would prefer for the masseuse to visit you in the comfort of your own home or hotel room then we can make this possible.