Types of male orgasms

Let’s be honest, there’s nothing more euphoric than an orgasm. Our legs shake, our toes curl and our brain goes into an ecstasy-like frenzy as we experience euphoric thoughts and feelings. It might seem like all orgasms are the same (all-be-it some are more powerful than others) However, there are actually five types of male orgasm. So let’s take a look at them..

The ejaculation orgasm

The ejaculation orgasm, also known as the ‘standard orgasm’ is what every male comes familiar with as soon as they start masturbating. As well as being stimulated by masturbation, an ejaculatory orgasm can be achieved by oral and penetration elements used in the full service massage. So what’s the science behind an ejaculation orgasm? Well, when the gentlemen is stimulated physically he gains an erection, which works by the blood flowing to the sides of the penis (known as the corpora). This encourages the penis to grow in shape and size. This ultimately makes the penis become hard and tightens the scrotum. When the male reaches a point of climax, the pelvic floor muscles and prostate gland contract, which causes the man to ejaculate. An ejaculation orgasm consists of 95 per cent fluid and 5 per cent sperm. The ejaculation orgasm is what most gentlemen experience as part of a Lingam massage.

A whole body orgasm

A whole body orgasm is exactly what it says on the tin and indulges your whole physique into a sweet serenity. A blended orgasm can be achieved by full body massages, including body to body, Nuru and Tantric massage. To stimulate a whole body orgasm, the therapist will caress your G spot, upper thighs and upper body to arouse you, while also grinding on top of you. This helps to discover new erogenous zones within the body. Unlike an ejaculation orgasm, a whole body orgasm doesn’t mark the end of massage and is often experienced in the middle of the session.

Multiple orgasms

Practice makes perfect when it comes to multiple orgasms. The more you indulge in erotic massage, the higher the chance is you’ll experience multiple orgasms. The first orgasm you’ll experience is the ejaculation orgasm. We then recommend you take a 30 break from the sexual techniques and enjoy Swedish massage strokes to allow your body to recover and prepare for round two. Some gentlemen are unable to release semen second time round, but this doesn’t stop the ‘feel good’ hormone oxytocin flooding the brain. If you’re feeling a little adventurous then there’s no harm in indulging in round three!

Pelvic orgasm

Pelvic orgasm is the main orgasm achieved through Tantric massage, done by using a specialist Tantra technique known as edging. To commence, the masseuse will begin rubbing your less sensitive areas (including neck, back and shoulders) before navigating her attention to your upper thighs and eventually main erogenous zones. She will read your body and when she feels as though you’re reaching a point of no return she will transition her hands to another area of the body before repeating the process. This builds the intensity pleasure and provides you with arguably the best orgasm EVER.

Prostate orgasm

Did you know the prostate gland is the only G spot in the male body? Therefore you can expect a flurry of orgasms when it is stimulated. Prostate orgasms are usually only experienced as part of a prostate massage. Prostate massage starts with a full body rubdown to unwind you mentally and physically. Once the therapist feels as though you are relaxed, she will gently wet her finger and slip it inside before circling your prostate gland. Not only does this feel ultra-amazing, but it also stimulates an extremely height point of climax. Expect your spine to shake when you experience a prostate orgasm!

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