The shy man’s guide to erotic massage

Feeling a little nervous about booking an erotic massage? Well trust me, you’re not alone. Around 70 per cent of men feel a little anxious ahead of booking their first adult massage appointment. However, we’re here to put all those first-time nerves to one side, to make your debut erotic massage as euphoric as it possibly can be. Introducing the shy man’s guide to erotic massage..

Don’t feel embarrassed about booking

Many potential erotic massage clients often feel too shy to call the massage parlour to book their appointment – but you needn’t do at all. Massage parlours employ a specialised team of booking agents who speak English, are friendly and are super friendly at answering all your queries. Don’t feel embarrassed about sharing your requests, desires or even fetishes as believe me, there’s nothing which shocks the booking team. Just remember to be polite and respectful and they will be more than happy to assist you through the booking process.

Don’t let your body hang-ups get in away

Most gentlemen who seek erotic massage are over the age of 50 so of course, their bodies have seen better days. If you feel glum about your man boobs, beer belly or hairy back then please don’t let it stop you from getting an erotic massage – as the masseuse has certainly seen it all before and are totally cool with it. Erotic massage is based upon Ancient Tantra ideologies, which teach us that all male bodies are a temple which should be worshipped. Having a six pack or a glowing tan doesn’t make you superior to other clients!

Don’t worry about the size or shape of your penis

Do you avoid booking an erotic massage because you are worried the therapist is going to think you have a small penis? Then please don’t. Erotic masseuses attend to the needs of a copious amount of gentlemen on a daily basis, who have different shapes, sizes and colours of manhood. Tantra ideologies also show us that the Lingam (penis) is the most sacred area of the male body, which should be shown the upmost respect by erotic masseuses. They are certainly not going to laugh or be less enthusiastic about the massage if yours is on the small side!

Don’t avoid erotic massage because you have a penis problem

Some potential erotic massage clients put off booking a session because they suffer from premature ejaculation, poor sexual stamina or erectile dysfunction. This saddens us because erotic massages can work wonders as a natural treatment for relieving the symptoms of all penis problems. Regular sessions prove to heal premature ejaculation and give gentleman the stallion stamina of a 25 year old. Erotic masseuses love nothing more than helping to put a gentleman’s sex life back on track.

You don’t have to be naked from the get-go

Due to the nature of their work, erotic masseuses are super gorgeous from head to toe so we understand that getting naked with them from the get-go can be a little daunting. However, though most clients decide to bare all straight away it isn’t essential. If you’d prefer, you can request for the therapist to undress you to your comfort level as the massage progresses. Towels and sheets do wonders for protecting your modesty.

Opt for a body to body massage

If you don’t want to push your foot straight on the accelerator for your first appointment and are seeking a little service a little tamer then we highly recommend a body to body massage. The service is a staple erotic massage style and has a soothing and slow build up, followed by the naughtier bits. It maybe a sweet vanilla experience, but it sure is sprinkled in spice as the massage progresses. If you’re feeling shy, then we recommend you opt for body to body happy ending, which include the massage, plus hand relief until orgasm. Once you become an erotic massage regular you’ll build in confidence and will feel comfortable in indulging your sexy senses in Nuru, full service and even the daringly delicious four hands massage. If you would like to discuss the services in more detail before booking the appointment, then please do so with the parlour’s friendly team of agents.