Body to Body Massage London

Body to Body Massage London

24 hour japanese outcall body to body massage london

Have you ever heard of a body to body massages? Better yet, have you ever had one? Get over the therapeutic techniques and Imagine a gorgeous Asian massage therapist pressing her voluptuous curves and naked skin against yours, and pleasuring you with just the flowing motions of her body. She’s grinding and rubbing those massage oils with her soft, naked body…has it caught your attention yet? Experience the hottest massage in Central London experience today!

What Is A Body to Body Massage?

A body to body massage is exactly what it sounds like – it’s an extremely intimate form of massage therapy involving the masseuse and client to be semi or fully naked, and the masseuse will massage using her entire body as well as her hands. It’s the ultimate cure if you’re craving a woman’s touch.

Our b2b massage, based in London, has been designed and adapted for those who prefer the full body touch. Sometimes the brush of a hand just isn’t enough. A body to body massage is totally intimate and takes sensuality to a whole new level. Better yet, you get to share this experience with a stunning Asian massage therapists who will show you pleasure points you’ve never used before, helping you feel the most exotic of sensations.

What to Expect From A Body to Body Massage

A body to body massage involves full body and skin contact, so it’s best performed naked. We recommend a nice, thorough shower beforehand to ensure maximum cleanliness and relaxation for both you and your masseuse. After choosing your beautiful masseuse (pick from Chinese, Japanese, Korean), they will take you to the massaging room which will have been transformed into a temple of tranquillity. Think candles burning romantically in the corner, the air filled with relaxing music and a soft, welcoming environment – the masseuse will make the experience as warming for you as possible.

She will ask you to remove your clothes and lie down. Then, she will begin to cover your body in scented oils, sensually spreading and rubbing it all over you and releasing muscle tension. This initial massage will aim to relax your body and mind, smoothing out any knots and allow her to familiarise herself with all of sensitive points. Once you’re satisfactorily relaxed and in the right state of mind and well being, the masseuse will drench herself in the oils, rubbing it all over herself (feel free to take a peak here!) and readying her body for the next stage.

Now you can expect the most erotic, arousing hour of your life. The masseuse will straddle you before beginning to slide and glide her oiled body all over yours. Imagine two pairs of glorious breasts, bum, legs and an amazingly soft, warm female groin grinding against your extremely aroused body. It’s enough to take you over the edge right there and then. It’s even more when you turn over so she can work on the front of your body. But our masseuses are extremely well-trained and know exactly how to turn your mind into a frenzy of desire and lust without driving you over the edge. When she finally allows you to let go, you’ll experience the most powerful, lust filled orgasmic release you’ve ever had. It’s literally explosive.

Our Asian Incall Body to Body Masseuses

What’s Included In My Massage?

  • Full body to body contact
  • Sensual and erotic body massage
  • Mind-blowing physical and mental release
  • Happy endings
  • 1 hr+ massage session
  • Choice of a sexy Asian masseuse
  • Total satisfaction
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Discretion Is Our Number One Policy

Here at Bliss Body to Body Massage, we understand the importance of discretion and personal privacy. We will always uphold client confidentiality and will never share any of your details with anyone other than the masseuse. For total confidentiality, all of the payments must be made in cash – cards will not be accepted under any circumstance. We’re sorry for the inconvenience this may cause. Please have the payment ready for the masseuse prior to the session otherwise it will not be carried out. This can be in the massage rooms or your hotel room.

We are a professional massage company and are deeply proud of the reputation and loyal clientele we have established over the years. We are always trying to improve our services to try and make a better experience for you. All of our masseuses are over 18 and highly trained in the arts of erotic and sensual massage, but if you are ever unhappy with our services, please inform us and we will be happy to help.