The Spooky Series…

With Halloween just around the corner some of our masseuses at the Marylebone branch thought it might be a fun idea to share with you their favourite spooky songs. Not only that but each masseuse has also considered which erotic happy ending massage style is the perfect accompaniment for the song. So next time you want to treat a partner to a spooky sexy night, you’ll have the right playlist at the ready…

Zara, Korean, 23, Spooky- Dusty Springfield

When I think of sexy music I don’t normally think about Halloween… Halloween is scary! That being said, the Dusty Springfield song Spooky oozes sexual tension. It’s slow and Dusty’s voice really sets a mood of sexual energy. I can remember the first time I heard the song. It was in the background of a TV show I was watching with my mum. I think Dusty is American and I was obsessed with American culture growing up. I listened to Spooky over and over again and imagined one day seducing a boy with the song playing in. There’s something naughty and dangerous about the song, I think it’s about temptation and desire. I would say the best happy ending massage style to have whilst listening to spooky would be a classic naked body to body massage. I think body to body would be best because it is slow and sensual like the song. Body to body is also extremely intimate, just how Dusty would want!

Elle, Japanese, 23, Thriller- Michael Jackson

For me there is nothing sexier than Michael Jackson in Thriller! It’s all about the chase and about revealing your true self to your sexual partner (that’s what I think when he becomes a zombie on the date with the girl.) I think the best happy ending massage style to have with Thriller would be Lingam. I say that because Thriller is all about peacocking- the man is displaying his dominance, you can almost feel Jacksons throbbing member aching during the number. It makes me want to wrap my mouth around a man’s dick and give them the thrill of their life!

Jade, Korean, Bring me to life- Evanescence

I would seriously recommend giving this a listen! It is the perfect spooky song for giving an erotic happy ending massage. There’s so much angsty sexual energy in the females singers voice. It starts off slow and builds in to a rock ballad chorus. The song has moments of soft before the belting moments which takes you on an emotional journey. I think this would be perfect for prostate massage. The reason why I’d choose prostate is because when getting a prostate massage the sexual pleasure builds and builds until you reach a state of total ecstasy- Evanescence perfectly capture this journey to orgasmic pleasure (even if they did not mean to!)

Dana, 23, Chinese, Murder on the dance floor- Sophie Ellis-Bextor

Now I know what some of you will be thinking- this one hit wonder by Sophie Ellis- Bextor is not what people might typically consider a ‘spooky’ song but I don’t listen to scary music! I once went out with a guy that listened to a lot of Heavy Metal but I hated it haha. I stand by my choice and in fairness it does include ‘Murder’ in the title which is pretty scary. I think the best happy ending massage style to compliment my choice would be…4 hands. Yea because it’s about swapping partners and jealousy.. not that you would have anything to feel jealous about getting massaged by two sexy masseuses at the same time!

Jade, 22, Chinese, Sex is on fire- Kings of Leon

Kings of Leon are one of my favourite bands. Sex is on fire is the ultimate celebration of sex! I think it would be the perfect song to have with any full service massage. At 3 minutes 22 secs it isn’t the longest song in the world but I could listen to it over and over…. So come see me some time and we can see if we can make some fire of our own.

Mia, 25, Japanese, Original Ghostbusters theme song- Ray Parker Jr.

Nothing gets me in the Halloween mood like ghostbusters. And nothing gets me in ‘the mood’ more than imagining a team of sexy firemen who fight evil alien monsters! I don’t know about you but there’s something really perfect for sexual rhythm in the repetitive call and response of this famous chorus. I think the ghost busters theme would be the ideal soundtrack to an hour long 4 hands massage. With two masseuses massaging you at once, it could make for a really fun sexy spooky time!

Paige, 22, Chinese, Monster- The Automatic

This song is the perfect special Halloween sex song. Imagine the ‘Monster’ is an orgasm, so when the singer sings ‘What’s that coming over the hill.. is it.. is it a monster’ you can imagine that moment of building, edging closer and closer to orgasm but not quite reaching-. I would like to perform a lingam massage to this track. Building up an orgasm slowly and slowly, getting faster as the song does and in the final chorus taking my client to a blissful euphoric place of ecstasy.

Pippa, 24, Korean, Poison- Alice Cooper

The ultimate scary rock ballad! This song makes me feel like I’m in a sexy 80’s slasher film. Alice Cooper’s voice drips with sex. The lyrics are all about longing to touch somebody but knowing you shouldn’t because the love interest is ‘poison’. It’s actually a really sexual song, and I think if I was going to choose the best sensual happy ending massage style to play it with I’d have to say Nuru. With a nuru massage you can get very close and intimate because of the sticky consistency of the nuru gel but it can also be devilishly slippery- meaning that your bodies slide about. This friction and sexual tension you have with nuru gel is perfectly encompassed in Cooper’s lyrics.

Sasha, 23, Japanese, Toxic- Britney Spears

Has there ever been a sexier song than toxic?? And you know, it’s called toxic so that fits with the “Halloween” theme. Personally I love to listen to toxic whilst giving oral- so any happy ending massage style with oral! Remember the lyrics? ‘The taste of your lips are all I think about’ I have a special blow job technique that incorporates my lips and the tip of the penis- men love it!

Tammy ,26, Chinese, I’ll put a spell on you- Anne Lennox (50 shades of grey)

Have you seen the 50 shades of grey trilogy? Personally I am a really big fan of the series; I am into bondage and domination. Annie Lennox did a song for the soundtrack- I don’t know if she wrote it but it’s a really strong song about the magic of love. And what a sex icon! She declares ‘I put a spell on you, you’re mine.’ I think sex is always like that. In that moment of intimacy you belong to each other- whatever goes goes and when it’s over you part and go your separate ways. Some people feel like this is hard part about being intimate with many people but I think there’s something really beautiful about it- I think Annie Lennox feels the same. I think the perfect massage to get listening to this would be prostate massage. I think of all of the massage styles this is the one that puts a spell on clients! Honestly most of the men that come to see me and get prostate massage have the best orgasms of their lives; it can really be an out of body experience trying prostate.
That’s all we’ve got for now folks! Tune in over the next couple of weeks for more spooky sexy blog postings and don’t forget to meet our sexy masseuses in the flesh by booking online or over the phone. Also, click here to read more about happy ending massage in London.