Prostate v’s Happy Ending- Which is better?


What is an oriental massage? Are they as sleazy as they’re made out to be in X-rated movies? If you, like many, are considering getting an Asian/oriental massage, you’ve probably got a fair few questions that you’d like to be answered before you take the plunge. How many styles are there? And which one is best for me? If you didn’t already know, there are many variations of Oriental massage; some of which are perhaps raunchier than others. Whether you’re searching for the erotic experience of a lifetime, or just want a beautiful woman to relax you- there’s a style out there that’s suited to your needs. But how do you determine which one is going to tickle your fancy the most? Well, you probably need to try them all- but here is a low down of two of oriental massages most popular and widely practiced styles to get your started.

What is a Prostate Massage?

The prostate, also known as the ‘sacred spot’ in Tantra, is a walnut sized gland located between the anus and the bladder. This goldmine of sensations is often described as the male ‘G-spot’ because it can induce crazy amounts of pleasure when stimulated. Ultimately, a prostate massage does exactly that. Using plastic gloves and plenty of lubricant, masseuses insert a finger into the anus until the prostate is located, and use expert technique to stroke, caress and massage it. Prostate massages are not only pleasurable, they’re also medically beneficial. A lot of men are prescribed prostate massages for prostate-related illnesses, because they’re incredibly healing.

What is a Happy Ending massage?

The clue is in the name- it’s a massage with a climactic ending. Although all oriental massages incorporate sexual stimulation, not all of them aim to reach an orgasm. Happy Ending massages, on the other hand, do. Generally speaking, masseuses begin with a full body, relaxing massage and then swiftly progress to sexual stimulation of the groin area. Happy Ending masseuses incorporate spiritual teaching into this practice, because it makes for more intense, refined pleasure. Happy Ending massages aren’t just regular hand jobs with a fancy name; they’re far more complex.

What is the difference between the two?

The main difference between these massage styles is the fact that one focuses predominately on stimulation of the penis, whereas the other concentrates on the prostate. That being said, both styles do intertwine. Although prostate masseuses spend most of the session attending to the prostate, they will also stimulate the groin area, too. Similarly, although a Happy Ending massage is centred on the penis, some masseuses will integrate a short prostate massage for added pleasure.

Why men get Prostate massages

Most of you reading will understand what it feels like to experience an orgasm; one of which that has come from stimulation of the penis. However, fewer will know what it’s like to have a prostate-orgasm. Although this essentially boils down to personal preference, Prostate orgasms are meant to be twice as intense as a regular one- which is why so many seek out this massage. Biologically, the prostate is the most sensitive area of the male anatomy, which is why it is known as the male G Spot. Prostate massages are incredibly pleasurable- but they also offer some variety for men want to explore new horizons.

Why men get Happy Ending massages

Happy Ending massage is one of the few styles that pretty much guarantee an orgasm. Unbeknown to most, orgasms are incredibly valuable for our health- and having several a week can actually increase our life span. Most men who seek out Happy Ending massages, so do for the orgasm. Whether they’ve been starved of sexual interaction or have trouble ejaculating, Happy Ending massages are very useful.  They’re slow, sensual and highly erotic- and use spiritual practice and breathing techniques to transcend participants into meditative states.

The Pros and Cons of Prostate massage

Pro- They can help to cure Prostatitis
Con- They can be painful is performed incorrectly or by an amateur
Pro- They can help to improve ejaculatory problems
Con- They can be extremely nerve-wracking at first
Pro- They are one of the most pleasurable experiences a man can have
Con- They can worsen existing Prostate-related illness- always approach a doctor before getting one.

The Pros and Cons of Happy Ending Massage

Pro- They are unparalleled in terms of relaxation
Con- They easily performed by amateurs who do not follow the teachings of Tantra
Pro- They guarantee a Happy Ending finish
Con- They can be overpriced
Pro- The drastically relieve depression, anxiety and stress
Con- Happy Ending’s aren’t guaranteed if the massage is unauthentic

What is the average cost of a prostate massage?

Of course, prices vary from masseuse to masseuse. Experienced masseuses are able to charge more, whereas amateurs often charge very little. But what is the average price, and how do you know you’re getting a Prostate massage from a trained expert? As we briefly touched on earlier, Prostate massages can be damaging if incorrectly executed. Therefore, they must be completed by a trained expert; so it’s not going to come cheap. An expert, prostate masseuse will not charge any lower than £120 an hour; so if you find a cheap deal online for £50, be prepared to spend the night in A&E. That being said, some masseuses take advantage and charge above the £200 mark. This is extortionate. Somewhere in between is about right, but do some web surfing and read some reviews before splashing the cash.

What is the average cost of a Happy Ending massage?

Generally, Happy Ending massages are priced similarly to that of a Prostate. Authentic Happy Ending masseuses use expert technique to stimulate the groin area and prostate- therefore; they cannot be performed by amateurs. It is the attention to detail; the soft touch and the proficient stimulation that makes Happy Ending massages so special. If you pay less than £120 for a Happy Ending massage, the chances are, it’s performed by a phoney masseuse. Anything above £200 is overpriced. Anything in-between should be okay.

Book your massages, today

Unfortunately, we cannot tell you which massage style is better, because it all comes down to you and your personal preference. If you’re still undecided, give them both a trial run and surprise yourself. To book a prostate massage in London with an authentic Asian expert, visit for more information.

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