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Prostate massages are intensely pleasurable experiences, but many men cringe and shy away from them. This is understandable because of what’s involved, but actually, prostate massages hold many liberating health benefits and are wonderfully spiritual experiences.

Like women, men also have a G-Spot, but instead of being located in the genital area (like women), it’s in the prostate gland, which is accessible through the anus. This is what makes the experience so daunting for men, but a well-trained touch can unleash pleasure like never before. Prostate massages can give you the most unforgettable orgasm or can give you relief from prostate-related health problems.

At Bliss Body to Body Massage, our Chinese, Japanese, Korean and Thai masseuses have been highly trained in this art of erotic massage. They can help you take that much-craved journey towards sexual enlightenment and achieve that intense relieving of pressure. So, whether it’s for health reasons or merely a craving for the ultimate orgasm, a prostate massage is here for you.

What Is A Prostate Massage?

A prostate massage is an age-old form of massage therapy that’s been practised and perfected over the years. It came about in central Asia and is also known as the ‘prostate milking service’ because of the way the prostate gland will be manually aroused and stimulated, which will result in an overwhelming explosion of sperm and trapped bodily fluids – a sort of ‘milking’, if you will. It sounds daunting and probably a little painful, but it’s really not! A well-trained masseuse knows just where to put her fingers and which buttons to press on your body to make the experience more enjoyable for you.

Prostate massages are known to have enhanced the lives of many men across the globe. The therapy has been prescribed by doctors, because of its remarkable way of treating prostate-related problems such as prostatitis, fluid blockages, urinary tract infections, ejaculation issues and even blood pressure. Plus, it’s not just great for your body – it’s also fantastic for your mind. Prostate massages are seriously arousing and erotic. Anal stimulation doesn’t have to be taboo or associated with homosexuality – there are plenty of heterosexual men who enjoy it. A prostate massage is a healthy, relaxing and intensely pleasurable experience to be enjoyed. Also did we mention there’ll be a gorgeous naked Asian masseuse?

What to Expect From A Prostate Massage

Like any other erotic massage, a prostate massage will begin with an intense relaxation session. We recommend you take a thorough shower 30 minutes before the session. This will prepare your skin for the massage oils and help to relax your muscles as well as cleanse your body. It’s also recommended you have a bowel movement beforehand too to ensure maximum cleanliness and comfort for you, as the massage involves anal stimulation.

The masseuse will ask you to undress and lie face down on the massage table, bed or floor space (you choose wherever). You will be given a small towel for initial modesty. The masseuse will begin by performing a full body massage, aiming to smooth out any muscle knots and tension points in your neck, shoulders, back and legs. Once you’ve relaxed and she has familiarised herself with your body, she’ll ask you to turn over and remove the towel covering your groin.

She’ll begin to slowly arouse this area before turning the focus onto to your prostate. Slowly and sensually, she’ll insert a finger into your anus (make sure you’re fully relaxing and taking deep breaths) and start to caress the various acupressure points located there. The sensation will be absolutely incredible, sending your body into a writhing mess and mind into a frenzy of intense arousal and desire. At this point, any initial doubts you might have had will have been melted away while your masseuse stimulates your G-Spot. You might feel a build-up of fluid, but don’t worry- just relax and let it build up.

The masseuse’s experienced hands will slowly massage you to the point of ecstatic oblivion. The stimulation will totally drain you of all energies, physical and sexual. Let one of our Asian masseuses be your sexy milkmaid and milk you of all of your tensions. You’ll experience the most intense orgasm of your life, and your prostate will be totally cleaned out. After this, you’ll feel completely rejuvenated and like a new man.

What's Included In My Prostate Massage?

  • Sensual full body massage
  • Erotic arousal
  • Selection of beautiful highly trained Asian masseuses
  • Slow, sexy build up
  • Manual prostate massage and erotic milking
  • 1 hr+ massage
  • Happy endings
  • Intense relaxation and rejuvenation
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Totally Professional And Completely Confidential

We are a professional massage service and only ever employ highly trained erotic Asian masseuses that have proven themselves to be the best of the best. We will always try to provide the most enjoyable experience for you, but you’re ever unhappy with our service, please let us know and we’ll be happy to help.

We will always endeavour to fully protect your privacy and believe in client confidentiality. Your personal and contact details will never be shared with anyone other than the masseuse. To ensure complete discretion, all payments must be made in cash, paid upfront to the masseuse prior to the session taking place or it will not happen. Card payments will not be accepted under any circumstance.