The luxurious life of an outcall Lingam masseuse;

...why she enjoys coming to your hotel room A lingam masseuse focuses primarily on the penis, using her gifted hands to bring you to maximum joy and pleasure. If you are feeling anxious, stressed or down then a lingam massage is a way to a happy mind and a happy penis. It is not just physical gratitude that you feel afterwards; there is also a feeling of emotional fulfilment and healing. It allows a man to feel a whole other level of pleasure, and the build-up is worth every moment when the lingam masseuse finally gives you that spine-tingling relief. I talked with Katie, a beautiful young lingam masseuse expert and got the low down on what it is like to be a specialist in this sort of service and why she prefers to perform it in a hotel room.

Katie, 23, Japanese lingam masseuse

Why did you choose lingam as your speciality?

Although I love to work with the whole body, there is something very pleasing in using my hands to make a guy’s penis aroused in ways that it never has been before. I like the build-up that lingam has, stated off gentle and slow and then bringing the client to climax. It is always pleasing to see him enjoy himself much more than a regular erotic massage.

What is your favourite thing about performing lingam?

My favourite thing about performing lingam is all the different shapes and sizes of penises that I get to work with. It is interesting to see how different men have more sensitive areas, and I like figuring out what makes the climax. Because I deal with a wide range of clients who all love my lingam massage skills, I make sure that their experience is unique and individual to their own special needs and desires.

Why do you prefer to do lingam as an outcall?

Lingam massage is a very intimate and special massage. It should feel relaxing and calm for the client, and I feel that they are most comfortable when they are in familiar surroundings. It should be an unforgettable moment for them, so if they are in a beautiful hotel room with fancy sheets and carpets then they get to feel a little bit more special and it makes the experience more of a luxury and treat. If we re alone in a hotel room then it also gives us more privacy, and they can feel the full benefits of a tantric lingam massage. Instead of having to shower in a parlour, or travel back, they can wash in their own bathroom with clean clothes and sit back and relax after I am done.

Tell us about your best lingam outcall experience?

I once had a lovely client who was staying at the Savoy Hotel in Central London which is extremely fancy. He had never had a lingam massage before, and was feeling very anxious. He was also stressed as he was visiting London for an important business meeting. I helped him feel at ease and make the most out of his posh hotel room for a couple of hours, giving him the real VIP treatment. He was very pleased with the services and said it was one of the most amazing things he has ever experienced, mentally and physically.


It is obvious that tantric lingam massage is something that all men should experience, even more so if it is in a hotel room with a beautiful woman who knows exactly how to please you. It is soul warming and can arouse you in ways you never thought was possible. Bringing you to a state of total relaxation, and an orgasm with total relief. View the lingam massage London page for more information.