Lingam Massage London

Lingam Massage London

24 hour Asian outcall lingam massage london

A lingam service is an amazingly erotic and highly sensual massage just for men. At Bliss Body to Body Massage, we provide lingam pleasure unlike any you will ever experience. Our highly-trained masseuses provide erotic services that are tailored for the individual client and their needs to ensure the most mind-blowing experience.

What Is A Lingam Massage?

In tantra, the lingam is the penis. The Ancient Indians viewed the lingam and the yoni (vagina) as powerful forces in the universe because they are responsible for creating life. They worship and respect the lingam, calling it the ‘Wand of Light’ and believe it channels pleasure and positive energy.

Lingam massages are based on this idea. They work to stimulate and arouse the penis, activating the positive, sexual energy. Orgasms play a big role in lingam massages, but contrary to popular belief, they aren’t the main goal. Orgasm is a welcomed side effect, but the aim is to slowly arouse the man, building up desire, to eventually have him surrender to the intense pleasure.

A lingam massage isn’t a quick, rushed service. Our genuine lingam massage experience involves a slow, prolonged build up. A highly trained therapist will take you to the very edge of pleasure and keep you there before finally allowing you to experience the most powerful, pleasurable orgasm you’ve ever had. It will be the ultimate release. By the end of it, you’ll feel like a boy who’s just lived out his greatest fantasy.

What to Expect From A Lingam Massage Experience

What should you expect from a lingam massage? At Bliss Body to Body Massage, we tailor our services to our individual client’s immediate needs and deepest desires, so the experience will be slightly different for each customer. However, a typical lingam session will sound a little like this.

Because a lingam massage primarily focuses on the penis, we recommend you take a thorough shower to ensure you’re completely clean – something that both you and the masseuse will appreciate! After all, how can you relax if you’re self-conscious about all the sweat you’ve accumulated over the day? We also recommend you do a little ‘clean-up’ in your manly areas and tame that hair. It would be much easier for the masseuse to successfully navigate her hands up, down and around your nether regions. Think minimum hair obstruction and maximum access, sensitivity and arousal.

Once that’s taken care of and you’ve chosen your masseuse (choose from one of stunning Chinese, Japanese, Korean or Thai girls), she’ll take you to the massaging area and ask you to remove your clothes. You’ll be given a small towel for initial modesty. The session will start with a short full body massage, while you’re lying on your front, to relax your muscles and smooth out any knots. Once you’ve relaxed and the masseuse has had the chance to familiarise herself with your body and all its sensitive spots, she’ll ask you to turn over so she can repeat the same process on your front. But this time, she’ll focus on your sexual areas and use the sensual lingam massage techniques to slowly start arousing you.

As soon as the masseuse is satisfied you’ve reached arousal, she’ll remove your towel, fully exposing your ‘Wand of Light’ in all its glory. She’ll use all the different techniques to massage your entire length, rubbing and stroking the tip, head and shaft, before moving down to the scrotum and testicles. The masseuse will not leave any part of your penis feeling unloved – every area will be paid attention to.

You’ll be brought to the pinnacle of pleasure, knocked down a few levels and then built back up again. This yo-yo journey of arousal will drive you absolutely insane and your mind will be going wild. It will be the best hour of your life.

When the masseuse finally drives you over the edge, the waves of pleasure that hit you will be the strongest and most intense sensations you’ve ever felt. Your orgasm will swell and crash through your body. You’ll even feel it in the tips of your fingers and toes. After this, the masseuse will help you bask in the afterglow of the ‘comedown’, helping you enjoy the intense relaxation and lingering feelings of satisfaction. Just as we said, from beginning to the very end, a lingam massage is not a rushed process.

Oriental Outcall & Incall Lingam Masseuses

What’s Included In My Massage?

  • Deeply sensual and erotic massage
  • Total focus on the penis and your pleasure
  • 1 hr+ massage session
  • Choice to try 4 Hands for a truly unforgettable experience
  • A mind-blowing happy ending
  • The ultimate release of stress
  • The choice of a beautiful Asian masseuse
  • A 100% leg trembling experience!
24 hour Asian outcall lingam massage london

Privacy Is Part of The Package As Standard

We are a professional massage service and only ever provide highly trained masseuses who have proven themselves to be exceptional in the arts of sensual and erotic massage. We are passionate about the experiences we provide and are always trying to improve our services. If you are ever unhappy with our service, please let us know and we will be happy to help.

We adhere to total client confidentiality rules, and will never share your personal or contact details with anyone other than the masseuse. To ensure complete discretion, we only accept cash payments and cards will not be accepted under any circumstance. Please make sure you have the payment ready to present to the masseuse before the session otherwise it will not take place.