3 reasons why a lingam massage is the perfect winter treat

Ah, Christmas. What does the festive winter season make you think of? Steaming cups of hot chocolate with marshmallows, huddling up by the fireplace and twinkling Christmas lights at the markets? We don’t know about you, but we automatically pictured doing those things with a significant other. Let’s face it – nearly everything is made better in the winter when you can share it with your partner. Imagine holding her soft hands as you walk through the Christmas markets or cuddling up by the crackling fire with a fluffy throw blanket wrapped around your shoulders. You can’t do any of those by yourself, can you? There’s something about winter that makes us crave another person’s touch – even more than it normally would during any other season! Scientists have ruled this down to the fact that it’s due to the cold weather and prolonged time spent indoors (caused by the cold weather). And it’s biological! Spending all this time indoors while it’s cold outside simply makes us more desperate for another person’s warm embrace. Now if you’re single, you can do one of two things. You could get yourself a girlfriend to share some warm cuddle time with. Or, you could get yourself down to a massage parlour and bag yourself a happy ending you’ll never forget. We don’t know about you, but we know which low maintenance one we’d rather…

What exactly is a lingam massage?

A lingam massage is a style of tantric massage which involves an intense massage of the penis. Rooted in tantra, which is an ancient therapy that encourages arousal of the body and exercising mental control, a lingam massage can help you improve your control over your sexual urges. Lingam therapy is very spiritual and is meant to serve as a way of ‘worshipping’ the penis. The penis plays a vital role in human creation so theorists and practitioners believe that it should be highly respected. That’s why a lingam massage is so focused on the penis. You might notice that some of the massage techniques are very gentle yet arousing. This is because the therapist is pampering the organ and showing it the respect it deserves.

1. A lingam massage is the ultimate pleasure for men

Because it is a penis massage, only men can get it – of course (the yoni massage is the female equivalent). Can you think of a feeling that’s better than the feeling of a woman’s soft, warm hands sliding up and down your member, and treating you with care and dedication? Her attention will be focused on you and you alone. This is what a lingam massage session can provide. You will feel like a prince as you lie there in a dimly lit room, candles flickering romantically in the background and gentle music filling the room. The masseuse will slather your body in massage oil, working on your sore muscles before she helps you with your sorest area. Then, using a mix of exotic techniques, she will squeeze, pump and stroke you before you explode in a rush of pleasurable bliss. You might think you know your body the best, but you’ll change your mind when you are in the hands of a tantra-trained lingam therapist.

2. A lingam massage can help with sexual problems

The lingam massage can help with a variety of conditions and issues, ranging from stress to ejaculation problems. The massage is particularly good at targeting sexual issues such as ejaculation problems, erectile dysfunction and performance anxiety. The masseuse is skilled at stimulating the penis and she will use her tantra training to take you back and forth from the edge of climax. Every time you think you’re going to explode, she’ll suddenly stop and pause. This will happen several times and you’ll be groaning in anticipation. Don’t worry if you think you struggle to get aroused or you struggle to maintain an erection – the lingam masseuse can manipulate your organ and your arousal. You’ll walk out from the session with a new pep in your step.

3. A lingam massage can help you feel loved

Christmas might be the season to be jolly, but if you’re working abroad or away from your home town, you might find yourself feeling lonely. A lingam massage can fix all of that. A lingam masseuse can shower you with affection and attention. Her expert touch can coax your stresses out of you, making you forget all of your worries. Her gorgeous body can distract you, and her sweet words can help envelop you in a glow of love. For the busy man who finds himself out of town for business and conferences on a regular basis, a lingam massage could be the perfect option for you. If you’re stressed out of your mind and are craving a woman’s soft touch while the English frost settles outside your flat, choose a naked massage to keep you warm. And what better than a lingam massage London – the only massage option that is guaranteed to expertly manipulate your manhood and arouse your body to pleasure beyond belief. Book now - http://www.blissbodytobody.co.uk/services/lingam-massage-london/