16 things you should do when getting a massage

Drink lots of water prior to the massage to improve blood and oxygen circulation, which helps the therapist remove toxins and waste products.
Have a light snack an hour before to avoid feeling lightheaded during the treatment. But don’t eat too much, massaging on a full tummy can be uncomfortable.
Avoid smoking or drinking alcohol, it may seem tempting to have a beer and a cigarette before a massage to unwind but don’t! Drinking and smoking leave the body dehydrated, making the muscles much harder to manipulate.
Have a shower or bath beforehand, massages are very up close and personal and the therapist doesn’t want to smell your dirty odour! Wash, it's common courtesy.
Brush your teeth! The same as showering, the therapist doesn’t want to be in the company of your smelly breath.
And do take care of your nails! Therapists don’t like massaging manky toes.
We assure you this is the last one! Do shave - hairy legs are not the nicest to touch either.
Wear easy clothes to slip in and out of! You don’t want to take ages to undress and put your clothes back on when the therapist has other clients to see. Also, avoid tight clothes - you want to be comfortable after the massage.
Do set off in plenty of time because not only is it rude to be late, the therapist is likely to have to cancel your appointment which loses them money. Don’t abuse their livelihood!
Go with an idea of what you want from the massage! The therapist isn’t a mind reader, so it’s important to discuss your desired outcomes so they can maximise the benefits.
And make sure you have extra money to tip! Because of course, if you enjoy the massage it’s nice to reward the therapist, just like they’ve just treated you.
And turn your phone off! The last thing you and your therapist need is to be interrupted when you’re in a haven of relaxation, it’s sure to ruin the whole experience.
Don’t plan anything too strenuous after the massage. You don’t want to undo all the relaxation the therapist has just stimulated.
But don’t just sleep! The temptation might be there, but napping straight after also makes the massage a waste of time.
Instead, have a gentle walk or a hot salt bath. This will help the body have lasting benefits of relaxation after the massage.
And FINALLY, do book again! Massage is not just a therapeutic treat and has many lasting benefits for health and wellbeing. So make sure you book regular sessions!
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