Tantric Massage London

Tantric Massage London

At Bliss body to body, we believe that relaxation and pleasure is very important, which is why we endeavour to give you both in the best way possible. Ever been for a massage? The chances are you have. But have you ever had a massage with a stunning and completely naked Asian Masseuse who specialises in giving pleasure and the best Tantric massage experience possible? Probably not.

What are Tantric massages designed to do?

Our erotic Tantric Massage is designed to give you pleasure, both physically and mentally. This insanely sensual and erotic style of massage helps you to access raw pleasure thought this ancient art, whilst clearing your mind and relaxing your entire body. You can personally choose one of our fully trained Chinese, Japanese, or Korean masseuses who will take you on a journey to self-discovery. If you have been searching for something to feed your sexual hunger and boost your sexual energy, you’ve come to the right place.

What Is A Tantric Massage

A Tantric Massage was created through the practice of Tantra, which focuses on reconnecting the mind and body in order to experience the most intense form of pleasure. This style of erotic massages uses slow and sensual massage techniques to relax your muscles and sooth your mind. Our fully trained masseuses will touch and caress every inch of your body as your arousal levels continue to rise. A adult Massage does not necessarily encourage a Happy Ending, but it is a welcomed side effect. Your masseuse will teach you to how to totally relax your mind and therefore access pleasure like you’ve never had before. Tantric Massages are about prolonging pleasure, not rushing it. Your masseuse will teach you how to control your arousal levels for a more intense orgasm at the end.

If you wish to take this experience to the next level also have a look at our Nuru massage pages for a slippery experience that hits all the right spots! A favourite like Tantric amongst the various massage techniques that we offer.

The Tantric / Tantra massage is about releasing negative energies and balancing your Chakra’s for a healthier mental attitude. The benefits of this massage are long-lasting; this is not a pleasure quick fix. If you need a release, and we don’t just mean physically, this is the massage for you.

What Should I Expect From A Tantric Massage

We at Bliss body to body rank hygiene as one of our priorities, so expect every client to properly shower before the session is due to begin. This is a very erotic and sensual style of massage, so if you really want to get your energies flowing, how about asking your gorgeous masseuse to join you for a warm, steamy shower beforehand? Either way, the warm water will relax your muscles and soothe your mind, ready for your full body session.

Your masseuse will begin by asking you to get comfortable and covering your crotch area with a towel for some initial discretion. Like all of our massages, your masseuse will start by giving you a full body massage to completely relax you and iron out knots and tension. Your mind will clear, your muscles will soften and you will enter a euphoric-like state. Once completely relaxed, your masseuse will ask you to turn on your back where she will proceed to remove the towel. This is where the real fun begins.

Using a wealth of experience, your stunning masseuse will use ancient techniques to stimulate every one of your senses. Her delicate touch will gradually expand your arousal levels and you will begin to feel a very intense pleasure running through your body. By this point, you will feel yourself edging closer and closer to the edge and your legs will begin to tremble and shake. But it doesn’t end here; your masseuse is just getting started. By prolonging your release, you will be driven to the point of no return time and time again. All part of the Tantra mystique. That will put a stop to any premature ejaculation along the way.

Pleasure will not be limited to your penis however; it will consume your entire body. This gradual build-up of unprecedented pleasure will eventually push you over the edge, and you will finally get your release. If there is one thing we can guarantee, it’s that this orgasm will be like nothing you’ve ever felt before. That’s a promise. Sound too good to be true? It isn’t, but if you don’t believe us, come and try it out yourself.

Asian Outcall & Incall Tantric Masseuses

What Do I Get With My Massage?

• Full body massage
• Shower with your masseuse (Potentially)
• A highly erotic massage
• Incall or outcall experience
• Pleasure beyond your wildest dreams
• An Asian Masseuse of your choice
• A Happy Ending
• Optional Mobile Service
• 1hr+ massage
• Sensual awakening

100% Professional Service

At the heart of Bliss body to Body is a highly professional and serious business. The safety, confidentality and well-being of our masseuses and clients is our main priority. All of our masseuses are 100% authentic, and are fully trained in the art of erotic massage. Our expert masseuses are passionate about what they do, so will remain discrete about your visit. We understand that privacy is important, so will destroy all of your personal information once your booking has completed. That is a promise.

For added discretion, we only accept cash payments which should be made a the start your session. If you want experience this unique massage in the comfort of your own home or hotel room, then our Mobile Service is there to accommodate you. For more information about our services or to make a booking, call our reception team on our 24-hour booking line. We run 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to ensure that your needs are met all day long, so next time you need to unload, you know who to call.


** Couples tantric massage may be available on request **