The wonders of an erotic massage and what to expect

We get a lot of emails asking questions about precisely what an erotic massage is and what happens in a typical hour long session. Many of our clients – the new, the semi-regular and even a few of the old – want to know exactly what is involved in a typical erotic massage session. And this is completely understandable. An erotic massage is an intimate experience that requires a great deal of confidence to be able to feel relaxed and comfortable. Each individual erotic session might vary from masseuse to masseuse, because all of our girls bring their own rich personalities to the sessions. Plus, they will also vary depending on the Asian massage agency you booked through. Despite this, the key elements of an erotic massage are all generally the same. We’ll imagine you’ve booked in for a session with us and use this as an example to find out what happens in a typical erotic massage.

The location

An erotic massage can be either an incall or an outcall massage. What’s the difference between the two? Well, an incall massage is where you travel to the masseuse and the massage takes place in the masseuse’s professional massaging premises. Most professional masseuses have a separate area in their home specifically for erotic massaging purposes, and it will always be clean and welcoming. This option is great for erotic massage newbies because the masseuse’s home will have all the necessary equipment and accessories. You don’t have to prepare anything beforehand. An outcall massage is where the masseuse travels to a location of your choice, whether that’s a hotel room, your private home or even business premises. This is a great choice if you have a busy lifestyle, are only in town for a short amount of time or are looking for a very discreet session in a comfortable setting of your choice. Because the masseuse comes to you, there’s no need to travel and get worked up while stuck in traffic. It’s very convenient – all you have to do is set a time, date and location. Then you can sit back and wait for the masseuse to come to you. However, keep in mind that with this option, the masseuse won’t have access to her full range of equipment such as the massage table. She’ll make do with what there is in the hotel room, so make sure you’ve cleared a spacious, comfortable area for the massage to take place. This can be the bed or a roomy floor space. And this goes without saying, but apart from the masseuse, you should be the only one at the location.

The arrival

Shortly before your arranged massage time, you may get a discreet phone call to confirm the time and location of the massage. This is to ensure the safety of both you and the masseuse (as well as eliminating the chance of embarrassment if the masseuse turns up at the wrong place). Once your masseuse has met up with you, you may have a brief conversation about her services and the cost. You should already have an idea of the costs as this would have been listed on the website and you would have discussed this over the phone when you first made your booking. Nevertheless, the conversation will be a reminder and you can negotiate any additional services. The standard etiquette for erotic massages is that you pay for the service before the session begins. The masseuse might ask that you have a shower before your session begins. Don’t be offended by this – it’s standard hygiene practice. You’re typically naked during an erotic massage and the masseuse will be touching your most intimate areas, so for the sake of maintaining comfort, it’s better to have a thorough shower before your session. Besides, wouldn’t you rather be safe in the knowledge that you’re completely clean and smell fresh while in the presence of an attractive woman? Once you’ve done this, the masseuse will ask you to undress and lie down in the massage area. She will begin to prepare the erotic massage.

The massage

The area where the massage takes place will be appropriately set up. There will usually be soft lighting, scented candles or incense burning to create a welcoming, relaxing vibe. There may be soothing music playing in the background. As for the massage itself, the specific techniques may vary from masseuse to masseuse. All of our masseuses are highly trained in tantric and erotic massage techniques, but they also bring their individual personalities to the session. You will also have your own set of likes, dislikes and problems that you want the massage to fix. The skilled erotic masseuse will cater to these as well. In general, the masseuse will stroke massage oil all over your naked body, sliding her warm hands up, down and all around your intimate nooks and crannies. She will caress and thrill your body, taking you to the peak of excitement and backing off so you’re left wanting more. When you finally do get what you want, you’ll be left completely relieved and satisfied. An hour of steamy, slippery stroking makes this massage an incredibly erotic experience.

The comedown

An erotic massage typically lasts for 60 minutes. There are some places that offer 30 minutes, but many places recommend a minimum for 60, so you can experience the full benefits. The longer you go, the better! An erotic massage usually tests your physical and mental limits, so the longer you can last, the better it is for your inner strength. Every erotic massage has the extra option of a happy ending – if you want to experience true tension release. When the masseuse has milked every drop of stress from your body, you’ll be left content and at peace with the universe. Some clients have reported feeling as though they’re floating on blissful happiness.

The goodbye

The post-erotic massage sensation usually leaves men feeling emotional because they’ve never experienced a release like this before. The masseuse will usually lie down with you and hold you so you feel comforted while you’re in this vulnerable state. Lie back and allow your energies to connect. It’s important to build a rapport with your masseuse so you can truly relax. Once you’ve found the masseuse that gets you spiritually and emotionally as well as physically, you can return to her whenever you need some time-out. We hope this has given you some insight on what happens during a typical erotic massage, particularly if you’re new to happy endings. If you’re interested in an erotic session with a professional Asian masseuse, erotic massage London, we offer a range of tantric massages that are guaranteed to blow your mind from just £120 an hour. More information about London erotic massage service: