body to body massage can help depression

Why Getting A Body to Body Massage Could Help Your Depression

Most people have felt sad or upset at some point in their life, and this feeling comes hand in hand with being a human being. Feeling depressed is not unusual, but that’s not to say it’s not cripplingly difficult to deal with. Depression isn’t just sadness- it is intense sadness. People suffering from depression often feel hopeless, helpless, worthless or even suicidal, which is why it needs to be treated or dealt with as early as possible. However, how do you cure sadness? Is it just as simple as being prescribed some drugs? No- prescription doesn’t solve the issue, they simply mask it. In order to properly treat depression, the root of the problem must be identified and dealt with- but this can be a daunting and off putting prospect for many people who are not willing to face their demons. So, if you don’t want to take medication and don’t want to talk to a therapist about your problems, how do you overcome this possessive illness? Our suggestion: Body to Body massage. Although banded within the Asian category of massage, Body to Body massages are incredibly spiritual and enlightening experiences. They combine relaxation with sexual gratification to create the ultimate haven for ‘letting go’- something every depression-sufferer needs to do. Perhaps a little unconventional, some might say, but here is why we think getting a Body to Body massage could help cure your depression:  

how a body to body massage can help with depression


Swap prescription drugs for natural ones

Dopamine The hormone dopamine, aka the ‘pleasure drug’, is responsible for making us feel pleasured. During an orgasm, high levels of dopamine are released which light up a centre in the brain that controls pleasure. Excreting low levels of dopamine reduces motivation, causes mood swings and upsurges fatigue- some of the ingredients of depression. However, increasing your levels of dopamine can reverse these effects, and you’ll be surprised to hear how easily done it is. Body to Body massages incorporate sexual pleasure, and often finish with a ‘happy ending’. Physical pleasure encourages the production of dopamine, but experiencing an orgasm propels the process rapidly- so instead of picking up your anti-depressants, swap them for an orgasm instead. Oxytocin Oxytocin has rightfully earned it nickname as the ‘love drug’ for very good reason- after all, it can make you feel seriously happy. Have you ever had sex with a partner and felt extra loved up afterwards? We all have- and that boils down to our good friend Oxytocin. This incredibly powerful drug is released during a Body to Body massage, and is known for its relaxing properties. As well as making we feel happy-literally- it can also reduce anxiety and even lower blood pressure. Don’t you just love the love drug? Serotonin Believe it or not, serotonin is one of the key ingredients used in anti-depressant drugs. This extremely powerful drug can be naturally produced; however, some people have trouble making enough. Ultimately, Serotonin reduces anxiety and relaxes us- it is a completely legal, natural high. Endorphins You’ve probably heard of endorphins before, but you’re probably unaware of how effective they can be. These morphine-like hormones reduce physical and mental pain, and are the body’s natural opiates. Endorphins encourage happiness and also make us feel more energized and motivated. Prolactin Produced during a Body to Body massage, the hormone Prolactin is a recognised mood stabiliser. Combined with Oxytocin, the calming effects of this drug is completely unprecedented. Has your depression resulted in insomnia? Well, enough Prolactin will put you to sleep quicker than counting sheep

body to body massage can help depression


They’re mentally therapeutic

Depression can creep up on us for a number of reasons, but a lot of the time, identifying a specific cause is almost impossible. Have you ever felt sad before but had no idea why? Most of us have, because usually issues fester in our unconscious thoughts but only make an appearance on the surface. But how do we unearth these traumatic issues without noticeably doing so? Body to Body massages are not only relaxing- they are probably the most relaxing experience will ever endure. Pure relaxation is almost impossible to achieve without guidance, which is why authentic Body to Body massages are only performed by fully trained, professionals. The skills and practice used by a Tantric masseuse leave clients feeling utterly euphoric and free. The mind is able to open up and disperse its negative chakras (energies) – the culprits of depression. Body to Body massages aren’t just about sex; they’re about reconnecting your mind, body and soul and regaining control over your bodies’ energies. It’s the best therapy you’ll ever get. Book your session today If you’re tired of going round in circles with your depression, why not think outside the box and try something a little less orthodox? Schedule in with a trained expert today and let a stunning masseuse knead the stress and anxiety from your body. You won’t regret it. Find all our best body to body massage offers here.