How is a body to body massage done?

A body to body massage is a style of erotic massage therapy that is very intimate and sensual. Using her hands and her entire body, the masseuse will rub up against your naked body with hers to create pleasure and also to relieve any tension or muscular pain you may be experiencing as well as helping to reduce stress and anxiety. Due to its intimate nature, a body to body massage can be very arousing and at your request the masseuse can provide extra services as well as the initial massage.

Body to body massage in depth… Much like more traditional massage styles, body to body massage therapy has been used since the ancient times to release pain, treat healing and to bring pleasure and peace to both the body and mind. Although many people initially assume that the only benefit a body to body massage offers is pleasure, studies have shown that they are lot more similar to more traditional massage styles, meaning that they bring us the same benefits, only with an extra kick – Reduces stress levels – A body to body massage induces you into a state of relaxation, slowing down both your body and your mind so you feel an overall sense of calmness. This increase of serotonin then works to help reduce feelings of anxiety and the side affects you may experience due to it such as an increased heart rate, shakes and shivers and cold or hot sweats. Acts as a natural pain relief – Not only does a body to body massage relieve tension in your muscle and joints, it can also relieve pain. Many people suffering from sports injuries, arthritis, migraines, lower or upper back pain or lupus often seek body to body massage therapy. The intimacy and release caused by the close skin to skin and body to body contact releases endorphins which are natural pain relieving chemicals sent from the brain. (Read more : Helps you with your depression – The serotonin released from your brain when you are experiencing a body to body massage are said to help reduce any feelings of depression you may be experiencing. Although they obviously cannot cure this illness, they have been said to at least lessen it or act as a coping mechanism for many sufferers. Many people find massage therapy relaxing, comforting and it allows them to feel a sense of connection in a time they might be feeling very lost and confused. Helps with blood flow – Due to the fact that body to body massage therapy is highly relaxing, it is known to slow your heart rate down and also getting your blood to flow better. As the masseuse body rubs against yours, your body will start to warm up and your circulation will begin to get better which automatically helps to improve your blood flow. This then also has a benefit on your skin and you will leave your body to body massage session glowing and looking much healthier. Improves sleep – A body to body massage releases all of the bigger muscles within your body, helping you to settle down and feel at ease which is especially good when you are trying to sleep. Body to body massage therapy has been known for improving people’s sleeping patterns and also making them feel refreshed and rejuvenated afterwards. (read more: We have talked with some of the masseuses that work at Asian massage parlours in London to try get a more in-depth vision of what a body to body massage is and how it can benefits you in various different ways… Mia – “Many people have the huge misconception that a body to body massage is simply used for sexual pleasure and gratification when in fact it is used by our clients for many different reasons such as muscular pain, to help them overcome the fear of intimacy or to help them ease their anxiety or depression. Being a body to body masseuse is a very rewarding job as it is good to see that I can use my body to help and heal people that are in need. It is always pleasing to see the difference in each client from when they first enter our doors and when they leave. They always seem much happier, less stressed and glowing. I think this creates a great chemistry between the masseuse and client and this obviously makes the massage experience a better one.” Yoyo – “A body to body massage should ever be an experience where the client is expected to work towards one outcome, but consider the whole session as a journey. Our aim as body to body masseuses is to make it enjoyable, relaxing and worthwhile from start to finish. We want it to be a calming experience for you that will stay with you longer after you leave the parlour. I train very hard at my profession and always try to learn new skills to ensure that I can provide you with the best body to body massage.” We have also talked with some of our regular customers who receive body to body massage therapy to find out why they get them and why they enjoy them so much… Trevor – “A body to body massage is a very surreal experience that sends rushes of calmness and pleasure throughout your whole body, a sensation that you do not get to experience very often. I have always struggled with anxiety and when my youngest son died a few years ago, I found it very hard to get about my everyday life without living in constant fear and worry that something bad would happen. Getting regular body to body massage therapy has taught me to calm my nerves and to relax.” Peter – “Growing up in a very Christian household and being taught at a very religious school, I was always told that anything to do with being intimate with someone else or exploring my body was wrong. However, as I got older and wanted to explore it more, I still felt really guilty. Having regular body to body massage therapy has helped me overcome these anxieties and has taught me the amazing and powerful ways our body can make us feel.”