Spring in to Spring with a lovely Lingam Massage

This spring, just as all the other springs before it, we come to anticipate a few things. People tend to put things off til spring, or at least set their deadlines to the season of blossom. This Spring, the Spring of 2019 we are expecting a few things, we are expecting the seal of Brexit with Britain officially departing the European Union, a new rom com by the very lovely Jenifer Aniston (probably), and a new found sense of happiness and one-ness with one’s self. – Now hang on just a short second I hear you call- how on earth can you anticipate how happy one can be in the Spring-time. I mean sure you can predict as much, what with the improvement in the weather, the blossoming of trees a0nd the natural light of a late afternoon, how could anyone be unhappy? Saying that it is not the impending spring light that I anticipate will put the spring back in your step… no. Rather, I predict spring will be a passage of joy because spring, my friend, is when you will discover lingam massage. For it is this coming April that will mark a special anniversary for Lingam massage- this April the 18th will be the 200th year of lingam massage. Two hundred years! Can you believe something that remained consistently popular- a popularity that has seen this massage style not only pleasures our forefathers but our fathers fathers fathers. Really Lingam massage marks a direct link between each generation that has experienced it. There is something spiritual, something rooted in a higher power which makes lingam massage so special and so relevant to each generation time and time again. If you are yet to experience the joy and wonder of lingam massage don’t you think it might be your time? Lingam massage originated from the Hindu teachings of tantra. Unlike other spiritual massage styles that fall under this vein, lingam massage places sole focus on one very special member; the penis. Now I think the reason I appreciate lingam massage so much is because of its complete and utter upfront-ness. Other erotic massage styles can seem to dance around the sexual element of the massage; you won’t find lingam massage following this trend. By accepting the penis as a sacred member your erotic masseuse will proceed to worship your penis in a way that will both pleasure you and lead to an orgasmic that will be unlike anything you have experienced before. Some people say that lingam massage is one of the most difficult erotic massages to describe, I believe this might be due to the nature of the style. In that this particular massage style delivers such intense pleasure unto the receiver that said client will struggle to recount afterwards exactly what happened. Getting a lingam massage by a lingam massage specialist will ensure the quality of your Springtime Lingam massage. Not only will a trained professional know the authentic way in which the massage style is delivered but they will also have a natural ability in reading and listening to what your body as individual needs- this is a skill that only the finest trained erotic masseuses know. Fortunately for you, there will be no need to pack a bag and get yourself on a flight to one of the more accepting countries of erotic massage, some Eastern place. Because not only will this spring mark the 200th anniversary of the first recorded practice of lingam massage but you will also be able to experience a complete authentic, professional lingam massage from your very own home. That is of course if you happen to live in London town (sorry to whoever does not in fact live in the big city!- but you could also come and visit for a night or two!... it is a very special anniversary after all.) In our Marylebone based parlour (5 minute walk from Baker St. tube station- a.k.a Sherlock Holmes’ house) you can receive a completely authentic lingam massage from one of our very beautiful, very professional lingam masseuses. We are fortunate in that all of the girls working under our roof have graduated from the three most prestigious massage academies from across the world. We have beautiful lingam specialist masseuses working in London from as far away of South Korea, Japan and China. To discover more about our wonderful masseuses before booking your incall or outcall appointment and perhaps even decide which one you favour most to deliver your lingam massage simply check out the girl gallery page on our website. By calling our booking line or email you will be able to securely book with your chosen lingam masseuse ready for your appointment. You can also learn in much greater detail all about lingam massage and what this gloriously pleasurable massage style entails by checking out our ‘lingam massage’ service page also on the site. Read more about lingam massage here.