Reasons why you need an erotic massage before your holiday

Off for a relaxing one to the Maldives, a stag do to Las Vegas or a few cheeky nights in Barcelona this summer? Well wherever you’re embarking on for your summer getaway you could seriously benefit from an erotic massage beforehand. And here’s why:

It relieves your pre-holiday stress

For most of us, there’s nothing more exciting than going on holiday. Despite there being nothing better than a sunny getaway, the build-up can often be a stressful experience. Is my passport in date? Have I got enough euros? And why is the border control queue so long? Are common niggles. But don’t fear, an erotic massage is exactly what you need to ridden your pre-holiday stress. One of our stunning oriental masseuses will begin by stroking out all of the stress-hormone cortisol from your neck, back and shoulders. However, as it is an erotic massage means nothing is off limits. Yes, this means your therapist won’t be afraid to work out the tension which has build-up in your erogenous zones. Studies have shown one of the best mechanisms for relieving stress is orgasm - and an erotic massage at Bliss Body to Body almost always guarantees that.

It encourages sleep

The prospect of going on a big bird may excite you – but the reality is aeroplane journeys can be super boring (especially long-haul flights!) One way to supress the pre-flight boredom is sleep – and one way to encourage sleep is an erotic massage. Soothing sensual massage techniques performed by a highly trained Asian therapist immerses every inch of your body into a blissful state of serenity – perfect for catching those zzzzs. Furthermore, experts have concluded that massage releases the hormone serotonin which encourages sleep. Be sure to seek an erotic massage at Bliss Body to Body to beat the plane journey toss and turns.

Relieves back pain from plane seating

Yes, plane-seat back pain is a thing and is enough to put you off going on holiday – however, an erotic massage can definitely help. It’s been suggested that you are more likely to have worsened lower-back pain if you don’t give your body the attention it needs – and this attention comes in the form of a massage. See it as preparation for your flight niggles, the same as taking sweets on the plane to stop your ears from enduring frustrating air pressure. Our therapists are able to work out the muscle knots and tension developing in your body before they worsen due to awkward plane-seating. This makes your muscles feel reenergised and rejuvenated, perfect before a long-haul flight.

Boosts your immune system

Fed up of the air conditioning on holiday making you sick? Well you can swerve the post-holiday illness with the help of an erotic massage. Holiday sickness tends to occur due to germs being recirculated in the air-con system. However, see an erotic massage as a vaccination to beat the holiday bugs. Massage increases the quality of blood circulation, oxygen flow and white blood cell which eliminates harmful toxins from the body – all contributing to a boosted immune system. Studies also show regular orgasms also help prevent illness. An erotic massage seems like exactly what the doctor ordered…

Start your holiday off with a bang (literally!)

Most getaways are all about treating yourself, so why stop with the endless duty-free shopping and over indulging on beer when you can kick start your trip with an erotic massage? Here at Bliss Body to Body we are all about choice, giving you the chance to mould your experience to achieve your wildest fantasies. Want a night of shivering romance or an hour of raunchy passion then we have it covered. The options of which masseuse you have is also endless. From beautiful pocket rockets to boobilicious beauties, we sure give you a delicious mix. Be sure to start your holiday with a bang with us! We offer erotic massage in the Central London and Heathrow Airport area as part of incall and outcall experiences. Call our 24 hour hotline and book yours today: 07823687008 Read more about erotic massage London here