Nurse your hangover with an erotic massage

How many times do we say we’re ‘never drinking again’ after a heavy night on the booze? Despite the copious hangover hindrances we endure it doesn’t stop us from doing it time and time again. While many of experience a variety of different symptoms depending on what we have consumed and our alcohol tolerance, many of us are likely to have: -Headaches -Tiredness but difficulty sleeping -Stress/anxiety, also known as ‘the fear’ -Feeling needy/horny A day dosed up on paracetamol while watching endless box sets in bed is the most obvious go-to remedy for nursing a hangover, but isn’t enough to eliminate the frustrating, self-inflicted symptoms. So instead of feeling sorry for yourself and weighing up if your big night out was worth your disgusting hangover then why not get an erotic massage? It can work wonders for those enduring a hangover and here’s why.

Eliminates headaches

A throbbing headache is usually the bane of a hangover and the sign of worst symptoms to come. However, an erotic massage is the perfect remedy for relieving the frustrating ailment. The sensual power of the masseuse’s dainty fingers triggers the rush of endorphins. Endorphins are often nicknamed as the body’s natural painkiller as they mask the tension and pain signals from entering the brain, ultimately giving the hangover sufferer the best headache relief as well as some erotic fun on the way! Research by the University of Munster in Germany found sexual intimacy to be ‘more effective’ in relieving headaches than the likes of paracetamol and ibuprofen, with most having ‘partial’ or ‘complete relief’ So what are you waiting for? Sooth your hangover head with the help of a sexy oriental masseuse.

Combatting ‘the fear’

Blackouts are extremely common during a heavy night on the booze and results in individuals only able to recall little or in some cases, none of the events from the night before. Professor Simon Taylor-Robinson, a consultant at the London Clinic explained to the Daily Mail that blackouts occur due to “Alcohol affecting the gaba receptors in the brain” he added that this results in “feelings of depression, anxiety and shakiness.” If you’re a heavy drinker, you’re more than likely to have suffered from a blackout which often results in ‘the fear’ the next day. ‘The fear’ boils down to a variety of stresses as you try to piece together the night. While an erotic massage doesn’t bring your memory back or erase your embarrassing drunken actions, it can help when the fear is taking over. ‘The fear’ stimulates the heart to race as well as the build-up of the stress hormone, cortisol. Cortisol results in tension headaches, muscle aches and pain. Soothing sensual strokes from a hot oriental masseuse regulates the oxygen flow and eliminates the cortisol, which eases the body and mind from the anxieties of ‘the fear’

Relieves neediness

‘The fear’ is not the only psychological symptom endured during a hangover, with many of us guilty of acting needy too, as we depend on another person to boost our morbid hangover-infused mood. However, you may wake up alone or struggle to get the attention from a loved one when you’re feeling the effects of drinking too much. If this is the case, a sexy Asian masseuse can help you out! Their delicate fingers and flawless bodies racing all over your naked body works wonders for releasing the ‘feel good’ hormones oxytocin and serotonin, which makes you feel pretty damn special - especially when you’re feeling delicate after too much to drink.

Sorts out hangover horniness

For most men, hangover horniness is a prominent factor after a heavy night on the booze. Though scientists have never discovered why this is, researchers from the University of Washington have explained waking up with alcohol still in in the bloodstream hinders erectile control, indicating many men unnecessarily get an erection during a hangover. If you’re lying in bed alone, this can be VERY frustrating. But of course, nothing compares to an erotic massage when it comes to fulfilling your raised libido. An erotic massage is built on sexual stimulations from the get-go, teasing every inch of your naked body until it shakes with pleasure. The masseuse will then move onto the lingam where the real magic happens! All our ladies are trained to give the ultimate happy endings, which feel insanely euphoric, especially when feeling the strains of over drinking.

Get massaged

So there you have it, the complete list of why an erotic massage can work wonders for your hangover! All our gorgeous oriental goddesses are available for outcall, meaning you can be taken on a journey of sensual serenity without leaving the comfort of your own bed – perfect when you’re struggling during a hangover! Treat yourself and book your erotic massage today. More for information about erotic massage London visit -