Make you heart healthier with erotic massage

Contrary to popular belief, massage therapy isn’t practiced purely for relaxation, and actually has an array of health benefits attached to it. For example, erotic massage is sometimes experienced by athletes, because it is an excellent way to relax the muscles and to treat any existing injuries. Similarly, erotic massage also has many other health benefits too, such as:

  • They boost energy levels
  • They boost your motivation
  • They help damaged scar tissue to heal
  • They can reduce stretch marks and improve cellulite
  • They relax clients, physically and mentally
  • They improve blood circulation
  • They improve the functioning of vital systems in the body- this can encourage the release of toxins and waste
  • They can release nerve compression and sciatica

Why Erotic massage?

Massage therapy is form of treatment that aims to relieve pressure from the body manually using touch and expert technique. Erotic massage falls into the branch of oriental massages that combine traditional massage techniques with sexual stimulation. Whilst well-known styles, such as Swedish and sports massage, are renowned for relieving tension and stress physically across the body, erotic massage has the power to re-align the body’s’ energies and harmonic balance. Unbeknown to most, ‘sexual tension’ is real, and it can mount to stresses in the body that can in turn, progress to physical and mental ailments and illnesses. As a result, focusing on relieving sexual tension is important too- which is why oriental massages were created.

Erotic masseuses believe that sexual tension builds in the body when people go long periods of time without sexual action or fail to feel satisfied after intercourse. Like traditional massage, erotic massage starts with a full body massage that tends to physical tension, but then swiftly progresses to sexual stimulation of intimate areas. The techniques used in the areas are slow, gentle and arousing- and are especially relaxing for clients. As opposed to other styles that focus solely on physical release, erotic massage takes a more holistic approach to calming the mind, body and soul.

Why erotic massage can help your heart

Like traditional massage styles, erotic massage uses the same techniques that are used to relax muscle tissues as well as preparing the body for deeper pressures. The difference between erotic massage and normal massage however is that this style experiments with sexual touch both externally and internally. This can include full penetration and sex. However, the main purpose of an erotic massage is to create slow, gradual arousal that helps the body to become immersed in pure relaxation- to the point where it’s almost meditative. This method is especially kind to the heart.

Erotic massage can help heart conditions because it encourages blood circulation around the body and to the heart. The techniques used vary in pressure and help bloody to effortlessly flow to every part of the body. This takes pressure off the heart and also ensures that vital nutrients are transported around the anatomy. As well as this, a healthy blood flow minimises the chance of blood clots forming which can be potentially life threatening. However, in a more general sense, this helps to boost energy and makes people feel less lethargic and sluggish.

Say goodbye to anxiety and stress

Stress and anxiety are two of the most damaging aliments for the heart. They add extra stress to blood flow and can cause heart palpitations. Erotic massage is arguably more relaxing than most traditional styles, because it incorporates techniques that allow for a more holistic release of stress- both mentally and physically.

What most people don’t realise is that sex and pleasure are a necessity of the body. They lower blood pressure and help vital organs to function more efficiently. When it comes to stress and anxiety, erotic massage has a hidden, healing aspect. It allows clients to reach higher levels of relaxation, enabling them to access energies in the body known as ‘chakras’. Negative chakras are what cause these problems, but erotic massage helps people to find and discard these negative thoughts, feelings and energies. Arguably, one of the only ways to achieve this level of pure euphoria is through sex.

Don’t be afraid to give it a go

Perhaps the thought of trying erotic massage is daunting- but it doesn’t have to be if you embrace its uniqueness. Whilst some people do enjoy these styles of massage for pleasure, others do seek them out for the many physical health benefits. If you are currently being treated with medicine to support your heart, do not halt your treatment- incorporate erotic massage as a complimentary, pleasurable therapy. Alternatively, even if you don’t have any heart conditions that you’re aware of, protecting your heart from future illness is encouraged. You’ll be surprised how much it could help your mind, body, soul and heart.

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