Get your business to succeed with massage therapy

As a business owner, your staff are at the heart of everything you do. You may often treat them to pizza over busy periods or reward them with the odd bottle of wine when they do something good. Despite this, workers often get stressed as their jobs take its toll on their body and mind. It’s important that when this happens they hit the pause button and restore themselves mentally and physically. However, that is easier said than done, often leaving sick and unwanted individuals in your work force. Massage therapy can be the answer to all your offices problems and massively benefit your employees. The bodywork goes much further than a pampering treat for middle-aged women and is now considered a fundamental key to a healthy lifestyle, just like eating a balanced diet and making sure you have a regular sleeping pattern. So just what are the benefits of massage therapy for your business?

Allows workers to de-stress

According to a study by Labour Force between one and two per cent of British workers suffered from work-related stress, anxiety or depression in 2015/2016. During the same period, a total of 11.7 working days were lost due to this condition, indicating something needs to be done about it. Massage hits the jackpot when it comes to stress relief, so could it be the answer for minimising lost working days? When the body is stressed, cortisol builds in the neck, back and shoulders stimulating aches, pain and tension. The therapist is able to break down the cortisol-infused muscle knots and realigns the tissue for overwhelming stress relief. To maximise the unwinding benefits for your staff, incorporate aromatherapy into a massage. The essential oils lavender, geranium and tangerine all boast relaxation properties.

Boosts morale

Spending five days and 40 hours a week at work can be tiresome, with many workers often enduring lack of motivation on some days. However, massage has been proven to uplift the mood and encourage better performance (no wonder it is used by Olympic athletes so much) Massage releases the body’s ‘feel good’ hormones oxytocin and serotonin, which encourages a positive mind-set. After exercise people often feel euphoric and have a boost of energy due to the rush of endorphins. Endorphins are also released by massage, leaving the person with a better outlook towards their job, which encourages better working performance.

Relieves headaches

Tension headaches, migraines and sinus ailments are becoming more common in the workplace as technology continues to flourish. Some office workers even leave a stash of paracetamol at the side of their desk for relief, but it often isn’t enough to ease the pain. Massage is rising in popularity as a complimentary treatment for headaches, with research proving this. According to, 37 per cent of headache sufferers found massage to ‘reduce symptoms significantly’ with only eight per cent of the survey takers stating massage to have no effect. As mentioned before, the manipulation of muscles stimulates the rush of endorphins. Not only do endorphins uplift mood but also acts as the body’s natural painkiller by masking the pain from entering the central nervous system. Massage also helps to prevents aches and pains from becoming onset in the future, by draining toxins and waste products away through the lymph and neck.

Relieves aches and pains

Work aches and pains are common whether you sit down at a desk all day or lift heavy materials. This is a sign of our body’s needing a break from strenuous, repetitive movements. However, many workers choose to ignore it and symptoms worsen. Often when we endure a niggle at work, our natural reaction is to rub it better, the same principles work within massage therapy for quick relief. This is because rubbing motions encourage blood circulation and oxygen flow, which ease tension built up in the muscles. Severely sore muscles which have resulted in adhesions can be massaged out by deep tissue techniques and can prevent pain from occurring in the future. So you may ask which massage should you seek for your employees? Well that entirely boils down to the nature of their job. Office workers may benefit from Swedish massage while those who undertake physical labour maybe given more relief by the Thai style. Just about any massage style can boost your business performance but here are the ones your employees NEED to try.

Swedish massage

Swedish massage is the most popular massage style in the west and it’s no surprise due to its copious benefits, as well as being insanely relaxing and therapeutic. The style encompasses of five basic techniques, these include:
  • effleurage (long, light glides)
  • petrissage (kneading motions)
  • tapotement (tapping in rhythm)
  • friction (rubbing muscle fibres)
  • vibration/shaking
A therapist performing the massage will transition from light and gentle to firm and vigorous strokes depending on the nature of the recipient’s job and what they are trying to achieve. The massage is extremely rewarding for those who struggle to switch off from the stresses of work and improves their health and wellness - promoting a positive attitude to their job.

Thai massage

Thai massage is often referred to as the ‘lazy person’s yoga’ and is based on the ideology that the body is made up of sen lines which have become blocked. The recipients are fully clothed and rocking and stretching motions are used to clear the blockage, which stimulates healthy blood and oxygen flow around the body. Improved range of motion, posture and flexibility are benefits for those who endure repetitive movements at work.


Aromatherapy can stand alone as a treatment or can be complimented by Swedish massage to really boost your employee’s performance. The therapy uses naturally extracted oil essences to harmonise and enhance the wellness of the body, mind and spirit. Each oils works to achieve a different outcome, making just about every work niggle to be massaged out. Stress relief, improved concentration, more motivation and pain relief are all benefits of aromatherapy – making it the perfect to boost your business performance. And the most relaxing and stress relieving massage is erotic massage in London. View our erotic massage London page