Everything you need to know about nuru massage

Always wanted to try a nuru massage but never had one before and are feeling a little apprehensive? Not to worry, here’s a concise guide on everything you need know before you try your first nuru massage. If you were anything like the rest of us, you may have spent many a night (or even a morning before school) under your bed sheets, one hand clutching a phone with a certain sexy image or video and the other clasped around your…well, you know. What else would a hormone-fuelled teenage boy get up to at night?! One of the more popular videos may have involved a curvaceous Asian girl with particularly large, round assets sliding her naked body all over one lucky man. Well, luckily for you, you could soon be that lucky man. There are quite a few nuru massage parlours dotted over London and many offer an exotic menu of different erotic massages. And of course, what’s a massage without some busty, cheeky-faced oriental girl waiting to rub her body all over you? Possibly one of the most important things to remember about a nuru massage is that it is a highly sexual and erotic massage for adults. Many parlours and agencies operate on the 18+ policy. So if you look quite young, make sure you bring your ID to avoid causing any problems and trouble.

About the nuru massage

A nuru massage is a Japanese specialty massage that involves the masseuse using her naked body to massage the client. Using a mixture of sensual slides and grinds, she will slowly stroke you towards a very euphoric happy ending. Nuru massage was invented in the red light districts of Japan in the 1950s. When the Japanese government made prostitution illegal, sex workers began selling erotic body massages and baths instead. Unsurprisingly, these sexy massages became increasingly popular among locals, expats and tourists alike. And luckily for us, the foreigners brought nuru massage back to their countries, which is how it’s now easily available in Western cities like London. A nuru massage is quite unlike the typical erotic massage because the masseuse engages in full body therapy and uses naked bodily contact to create a variety of sensations. Instead of the usual aromatherapy and essential massage oils that are typically used, nuru massage uses a special seaweed-based gel. This exotic gel is extremely slippery and allows the masseuse to slide freely over you. She will mix it with warm water to get the desired consistency before pouring it over both of your naked bodies. Then she can use a variety of slides, grinds and strokes to help you reach a heightened level of sensual arousal. A nuru massage is much slipperier than the average erotic massage and allows you to feel a world of incredible sensations.

Nuru massage as a therapy

You wouldn’t instantly think that a nuru massage could be therapeutic. It sounds much more like a pleasurable activity, right? It’s true that it could be an exciting type of foreplay for you and your partner, but nuru massage is so sensually arousing that it could help with conditions such as chronic stress and fatigue. When you experience arousal or an orgasm, your body releases a mix of feel-good hormones and endorphins which work to naturally lift your mood. The hormone cortisol attacks white blood cells (explaining why stress can cause illness) and endorphins reduce cortisol levels in the body, which boosts the immune system. A nuru massage is one of the most sexual massage styles, so you are sure to experience intense pleasure, which leads to all of these mood enhancing benefits. As well as affecting mood, nuru massage is good for helping erectile problems. People who are suffering from erectile dysfunction, performance anxiety and premature ejaculation may find nuru massage helpful. A nuru therapist is trained in prolonging orgasm and can teach you how to extend your pleasure and delay climax. This can help you achieve more powerful and stress-relieving orgasms.

Where to look for Nuru massage London

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