Become a better lover with happy ending massage

Sex is an important aspect of life, both physically and mentally. It is one of the main foundations of a relationship, and is an excellent way to connect emotionally with a partner. However, being confident in the bedroom can sometimes be the difference between a healthy sex life or an incompetent one. As such, keeping the fire alive is important for any couple. When problems start to occur and sex becomes monotonous, it is not uncommon for men to develop sexual ailments such as premature ejaculation issues. However, once those problems are present, they’re very difficult to get rid of. This being said, there are methods in which this problem can be tackled from the route- perhaps an unconventional avenues for many, but it is proven to work. Here is how happy ending massage can make you a better lover:

It can help with premature ejaculation

Statistics have shown that around 10% of men in the UK suffer from premature ejaculation at some point during their lives. Surprisingly, this is more common in younger men- but this is often the time when men are at their sexual peaks. Whilst premature ejaculation is a normal and very common, it can leave men feeling incredibly embarrassed and self-conscious. However, leaving this ailment unaddressed could have a massive impact on your sex life and potentially your relationship if you have one. This is where happy ending massage comes into the picture.

The main purpose of this style of massage is to prolong pleasure for as long as physically possible. Trained masseuses implement tantric-like massage techniques that teach men to control their sexual urges- i.e. ejaculation. They do this by using an edging technique whereby clients are brought to the edge of climax time and time again, before stimulation is eased off just before the final moment. This purposeful method not only teaches self-control, but it’s always intensely pleasurable.

You’ll be able to last longer

Following on from the above point, happy ending massage can help with premature ejaculation, but can also improve your sexual endurance. The edging technique stops premature ejaculation, and therefore increases endurance at exactly the same time. It teaches control and restraint, but can also improve a man’s confidence if they’re been plagued with embarrassment in the past.

On average, women take around 20 minutes to orgasm during sex, whereas men can take between two and seven minutes. If you’ve got a partner whom you have regular sex with and do orgasm sooner rather than later, it’s not unsurprising to assume that your partner may feel sexually frustrated. However, this could also take a blow to your confidence too for obvious reasons. No man wants to feel like he can’t please his lady in the bedroom. However, happy ending massage includes special breathing techniques that keep you focused and in control of your body. After several sessions, you’ll begin to find that controlling the urge to orgasm becomes less challenging each and every time. Eventually, you’ll be able to enjoy long, slow, teasing sex without worrying about it finishing a little too soon.

You’ll feel less pressure

Studies have shown that one of the main causes of premature ejaculation is over-thinking. Mental barriers are just as harmful, if not most impactful then physical ailments, and it is not uncommon for men to become trapped in a vicious cycle. In most cases, if they believe they are going to ejaculate early, they will. Happy ending massage is an excellent way to relieve this problem because it gives men the confidence in their beliefs to control their urges. Similarly, happy ending massage is a massage designed specifically for men, and is often described as a tribute to ‘lingam’- the tantric word for penis. This massage requires no effort from the man, and all they are required to do is sit back, relax and enjoy the ride. This relieves sexual performance pressure and also gives the man the chance to clear his head, and get rid of any existing anxieties that could perhaps affect sexual performance.

So whether you’re looking to cure your premature ejaculation problem, need some more confidence or just want to spend some intimate time with a gorgeous woman, you’ve come to the right place. To book in for a massage with a sexy Asian masseuse, contact us on the details below and get your happy ending! Find out more information about happy ending massage London on this page –

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