7 reasons why your partner should give you a Tantric massage

Tantric massage falls into the oriental umbrella and therefore combines kinky, sexual stimulation with traditional massage techniques. It might sound like a very niche massage style, but it’s easier than it looks. Perhaps you’ve had a stressful week at work and need someone to knead your troubles away? Well, how about trying to convince your partner into giving you a tantalising tantric massage? Trust me, you’ll both love it…

1.They’re pretty easy

There are only two things to remember when giving a Tantric massage. Take it slow and don’t be scared to let your hands wander. It’s that simple. If your partner is intimidated by the prospect of attempting to perform a Tantric massage, he/she needn’t worry. They really aren’t all that bad. All it requires is some simple massage techniques, such as kneading and stroking, a little massage oil and a sprinkle of confidence. It’s that easy.

2.They’re a cheap night in

Date night- a blow to your bank account. Whether it’s dinner and a movie or a few cocktails out at a bar, there’s nothing budgeting about date night. Whether you’re strapped for cash or are saving towards a car, enjoying an erotic Tantric massage is the perfect way to connect with your partner, but will cost you next to nothing too! Rather than spending a fortune on a steak, make dinner together before your massage and share a hot shower too. Purchase a couple of candles (if you don’t have them already) and some fresh, cotton towels. They will be needed if you opt to purchase some massage oil, which costs next to nothing. Hey presto, you have everything you need for a Tantric massage. Cheap and chips is an understatement!

3.It’ll probably turn your partner on too

The beauty of Tantric massage is that it can be an enjoyable experience for both subject and masseuse. As humans, we feel natural joy from giving to those that we love, and giving a Tantric massage to your partner is no different. The chances are, your partner may even feel more aroused than you. Touching, caressing and teasing your naked body is one hell of a thrill. You might find that they pounce on you before you have a chance to make the first move!

4.You can take turns

Now now boys… don’t be selfish. Share the tantric love! The great thing about enjoying a tantric massage at home is that it’s something both you and your partner can enjoy. If you’re both new to this erotic art, you can build your skills together and take turns being the masseuse. Think of it as a sensual role-play that you can make as kinky or as loving as you want. Whether you give each other a massage in one night, or each try it over two sessions, it’s easy to pick up and can be perfected by both of you. Sharing is caring!

5.It’s very romantic

Despite what X-rated movies may suggest, tantric massage is actually a very romantic and caring style of massage. Although it does involve sexual play, it is designed to connect people on a spiritual level so can work wonders for relationships that are perhaps breaking down. The art of tantric massages teaches couples to appreciate one another’s body; using gentle touch and attentive thought to create pleasure and feelings of deep love. It is affectionate, intense and erotic- the perfect ingredients for a romantic night in. so maybe you could get the fire burning again with tantric massage.

6.It has many health benefits

Tantric massage isn’t enjoyed for relaxation purposes only; it actually has an array of health benefits attached to it. Whether you or your partner is suffering from depression, heart problems or sore muscles, tantric massage could be the answer to both your problems. An average tantric massage session has the power to lower blood pressure, increase blood flow and improve the function of the internal organs and systems. This can help to fight off illness and also helps the body to discard unwanted toxins. Moreover, massage oil is fantastic for the skin and will leave it feeling rejuvenated, silky and moisturised. Basically, it’s the best medicine you’ll ever take!

7.You’ll have the best orgasm ever!

Now, tantric massage has lots of benefits, as you’ve read, but its main selling point is the sexual element. Tantric massages are notoriously pleasurable because they incorporate a technique known as ‘edging’. Rather than helping your partner achieve an orgasm as soon as possible, tantric massage aims to drive people to the edge time and time again. This helps people to control their sexual urges and therefore make pleasure more refined and intense. Basically, you’re practically begging to orgasm by the end of it… but you wouldn’t believe how intense it will feel. Basically, it’s the best orgasm you’ll ever have.

Feel more comfortable leaving it up to a trained expert? No problem, we have you covered! Call or email us on the details below and schedule in for your raunchy, naked, tantric massage with a sexy Asian masseuse.

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