5 ways Tantric massage could help you succeed at work

Stress is a natural bi-product of everyday life. Everyone experiences it at some part in their life, but are you one of the few unfortunate people that are ruled by it? Stress is manageable in small doses, but chronic stress can lead to mental breakdowns, depression and anxiety. As such, managing stress is imperative- but do treatments really work? Massage therapy, Tantric massage to be exact, is a fantastic way of combatting stress because it does not involve any medication- just pure relaxation. Massage therapy requires no effort from the client, and is actually described as a luxury. It is the medicine that everyone needs.

It makes the mind more alert

A tantric massage exercises the mind in a way that not many people would expect. The massage incorporates an ‘edging’ technique- a method designed to keep men on the edge of constant climax, which is meant for enhanced pleasure. The masseuse teases and arouses the client to the point of no return, but then eases off just before orgasm. This process is repeated several times. Although this may sound frustrating, it is implemented to encourage mental control, and to help men lengthen and enhance pleasure.

It lessens stress

It has been proven that sexual frustration can actually cause stress, or can make existing stress more intense. Tantric massage is a full-body massage, and therefore works on the entirety of the body to cause holistic relaxation. This includes erogenous zones and sexual areas too. Doing so, clients are able to relieve stress in the body (including tense muscles), but will also leave feeling sexually satisfied through orgasm. Chemically, orgasms are beneficial for the mind and the body. They allow the body to release a mix of stress-relieving hormones, such as oxytocin and serotonin which can lower blood pleasure, stimulate blood flow and also make us feel happier in general. As such, this cocktail of hormones creates a stable mood and allows for a sense of calm across the entire body.

It decreases lethargy

Studies have shown that massage therapy is an excellent way to promote improved sleeping patterns. Sleep is an absolute necessity, and is the main generator of energy. The ability to concentrate relies on it, so it’s not difficult to see why people struggle in the workplace when they have had little sleep. However, stress is one of the leading reasons why people suffer from disturbed sleep or insomnia. As you can see, it is a vicious cycle. So, the initial point of all has to be relieving stress, which Tantric massage is notorious for. Similarly, Tantric massage increases blood flow around the body which helps the body to remove harmful waste and therefore boost cellular function. This is what increases energy. So next time you’re struggling to reach a deadline because you’re finding it hard to drift off, get a Tantric massage.

It can help you sleep

As mentioned above, Tantric massage is fantastic complimentary treatment to adopt when you’re struggling to sleep soundly. But why is it so helpful? In many cases, not being able to fall asleep is often psychological. What we mean is that, the mind has a great deal of power and control over the body, so ‘thinking’ you can’t fall asleep usually turns into a reality. However, how can you relax the mind and therefore the body enough to fall asleep? Tantric massage is matchlessly relaxing because it gives people the opportunity to let go of the thoughts and emotions that probably plague them. In fact, many people have described this style of massage as ‘therapeutic’ because it has helped them to spiritually and mentally alter the way they think. Essentially, Tantric massage allows people to completely let go of stress, allowing them to drift off more easily, and remain in a sound, deep sleep for the course of the night.

It can improve your confidence

Tantric massage doesn’t just have to be relaxing; it can be life changing if you let it. Unlike more traditional styles such as Swedish massage and Shiatsu massage, Tantric massage helps you to discover completely new sensations, levels of relaxation and spirituality that you never thought you could achieve. It leaves people feeling refreshed, more alert, rejuvenated and content- basically, it can work wonders. It’s a massage designed to reconnect the mind body and soul, which is what makes it so powerful. As previously discussed, Tantric massage can make you more alert in the workplace. Achieving more at work, pleasing your employers and feeling more motivated takes an enormous load off, so it’s easy to see why it could help lower your stress levels. However, regular sessions are recommended for long-lasting effects. So for your tantalising Tantric massage in London, visit our website and book your relaxing massage, today! www.blissbodytobody.co.uk/services/tantric-massage-london