5 Reasons Japanese girls are the best

When I first arrived in Japan to study for my year abroad, I knew I was going to learn new things such as the food, people, language and culture. However, I had no idea what to expect when it came to my sex life and how Japanese girls were in bed, and how the sex culture was in Japan. After a few weeks of living there I realised it was a totally different game, and the girls wanted to play.

Here are a few things that I learned:

  • We all probably know from watching Japanese AV (Adult Videos) that the girls are gorgeous, the girls I have been with all have soft and gentle skin, and amazing bodies.
  • They have hair, and a lot of it. I’ve only had one Japanese lover that was completely bare down there, and I think this was due to the fact she had been with other Western men before. The other Japanese women I had been with who were more traditional kept things natural down there, which isn’t a problem for me. Word on the street is that it is bad luck to shave your pubic hair because Japanese people would often go to public paths, also known as “Sento”, and because it was so normal to have hair down there, girls who didn’t would be deemed a whore or provocative.
  • They licked places where I’d never been licked before – Coming from London were girls don’t usually tend to venture to my nipples, I was surprised when more than one Japanese girl did. I must admit, it did feel strange at first but I eventually came to enjoy it. It also helped me to learn how they liked it being done to them.
  • When a girl is about to “iku” which literally means “go” aka come in English, she shouts out “Dame, dame, dame” which means “no”. Although she is shouting no this means for you to continue. Things are reversed quite a lot in Japan. This might be strange at first but after a while it becomes sexy.
  • Nuru massage is an ancient Japanese type of massage that is performed with cool nuru gel and rubbed all over your body. The woman often uses a body to body method to make it more erotic and sensual. When a few Japanese girls have performed this Nuru Massage on me I have never felt as fulfilled both spiritually and physically. All my worries and troubles disappeared and I was left in a total state of relaxation and arousal.
Since I came back to London, I couldn't forget the experience I had with Japanese girls. I became a regular customer of nuru massage in London who always books genuine Japanese nuru masseuses. Read about nuru massage London here