What’s a happy ending massage like?

Here in the UK, happy ending is regarded as a taboo subject with not much being known about the seductive massage. However, it’s the 21st Century and it’s time to embrace that we all love naked pleasure with the opposite sex. So here we are to reveal all about happy ending massage and what it’s really like to go undergo a sultry session. To cut to the chase, happy ending is essentially a full body massage followed by hand relief until orgasm. There are lots of options a happy ending client can take to tailor the session to suit their wildest fantasies. First is the massage style. Believe it or not, happy ending is a broad term for an array of massage treatments. Many parlours offer more than eight massages which can be enjoyed as part of a happy ending appointment. These include:
  • Sensual. Soft, slow and soothing, the strokes of sensual massage are ultra-sensational. The whole session is unrushed and perfect for those who love sizzling romance.
  • Erotic. Erotic might be the oldest massage offered as part of happy ending but the raunchy and passionate strokes will make you feel extremely youthful.
  • Body to body. The go-to style as part of happy ending massage, enjoy full thrills skin-to-skin contact with your therapist. Perfect for erotic newbies.
  • Tantric. Based on Ancient Indian teachings, Tantric is largely spiritual. It is designed to harmonise your body, mind and soul by paying sole attention to your erogenous zones.
  • Four hands. Four hands is considered the crème de la crème of happy ending treatments as you get double the pleasure with the company of two masseuses.
  • Lingam. In Latin, Lingam translates to ‘wand of light’ and is essentially a seventh heaven massage which concentrates on the most sacred area of your body, the penis. Expect fireworks!
  • Prostate. As well as a full body massage, prostate also involves a cheeky finger slip inside – and while the prostate gland is the only G spot in the male body you’re guaranteed to be moaning and groaning like never before.
  • Nuru. Along with four hands, Nuru is an ultra-superior massage offered as part of happy ending. The Japanese massage isn’t restricted to the hands and instead uses the therapist’s boobs and bums as part of the experience.
All happy ending sessions begin with your choice of massage. This is designed to relax, turn on and prepare your body for naughtier things to come. Once the masseuse reads that you are ready, she will manoeuvre her attention to your erogenous zones. Allow her to cup your balls, stroke over your scrotum and jerk your penis. Happy ending masseuses are specialists in a euphoric technique known as edging. To conduct edging, the therapist massages all along your penis. When she feels as though you are reaching a point of no return she will turn her attention to a less sensitive area, before working her way back to your erogenous zones. This not only delays the orgasm, but it also builds the seventh heaven pleasure and intensifies every stroke.

The whole experience

Now your filled with knowledge of what happy ending massage entails, it’s time to move on to what your overall experience will be like at a happy ending parlour. Of course every erotic salon is slightly different, but here is a rough guideline of what to expect when coming for your massage.
  • Whether you arrive by appointment only or walk-in, you’ll be greeted by the parlour host. The parlour host is usually a gorgeous girl dressed to the nines, who will assist in taking your jacket and showing you to the welcome lounge, where you will be able to meet the masseuses who specialise in happy ending.
  • At a happy ending parlour, you will always be given your first choice of girl for your massage. Once in the welcome lounge, you’ll be able to build rapport with the therapists and cherry-pick your favourite for the rubdown. Erotic parlours are well aware that every gentleman has different preferences when it comes to what gets their pulses racing. So whether you’re type is a petite beauty, hourglass babe or athletic goddess then they sure do have it covered.
  • Once you’ve chosen your masseuse you’ll be shown to your treatment room. Payment is dealt with before the massage begins, so do make sure you have enough cash to hand to pay for your happy ending service. During this time, you’ll also be able to discuss your sexual preference with your masseuse so they are able to tailor the massage to fulfil your fantasies and get your love juices flowing.
  • And now for the best bit, the massage itself! Expect your toes to curl, your spine to shake and your pulse to race with overwhelming pleasure. With happy ending, you’re guaranteed the best orgasm of your life.
  • Enjoy a complimentary shower provided by the parlour as you prepare to leave smiling like the cat who got the cream.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

How many times can I go orgasm as part of happy ending? Erotic therapists are of understanding that some gentleman may orgasm quicker than others, therefore most parlour give clients the chance to ‘go twice’ as part of the experience. Can I upgrade my happy ending massage to full service? Yes, most erotic parlours give you the opportunity to upgrade your happy ending to full service for a small extra fee (usually £40) Is protection worn? Yes, condoms are worn during all happy ending massages at all times. Do I have to book an appointment? All erotic parlours are different, but it’s often advised to book an appointment to guarantee your first choice of girl and to avoid long waiting times.

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