10 questions you’ve always wanted to ask your Tantra therapist answered

Always wanted to experience a Tantric massage but too shy to take the plunge and book? Well don’t fear, high-class London tantric massage therapist Roxy Raine is here to answer all of your burning Tantra questions to put your mind at ease.

1. How far do I book in advanced? @Harry_McGuire

The erotic world is fast paced and normally most agencies will only take on-the-day bookings. Some parlours need as little as 15 minutes notice before you come for your session. Obviously book a little more in advanced for an outcall appointment – the masseuses can’t just fly to your location! Just contact the parlour when you’re settled on a time you’d like the session.

2. Can I choose the therapist myself? @RoyHodge

Yes, as adult therapists we understand that every individual has a difference preference when it comes to what tickles their fancy. Therefore, clients are always given the option to cherry-pick the masseuse for their Tantra treatment. (This can be done on arrival or from the agency website) Most parlours host a variety of masseuses who each boast perky breasts, big bums and the longest legs you have ever seen. You’re guaranteed to be spoilt for choice when visiting an erotic parlour.

3. Do I need to shave? @Lalanaa101

If you’re bothered about body hair, then you’re in the wrong job being an erotic masseuse. Pubic hair and hairy chests are completely natural and are not something a masseuse will be phased by.

4. Do I need to bring anything? @KyleWalker11

Just bring yourself and the correct cash for your massage, the parlour will provide everything else! Towel use, refreshments and showers are inclusive in your massage fee – so just kick back and enjoy the ride.

5. What should I wear? @Sterling

Of course, there is no dress code for visiting an erotic massage parlour. However, we do recommend that if you can, do wear comfortable clothing that you can easily slip in and out of. The less time it takes you to undress the more time you will have to get a frisky with your masseuse.

6. Do I have to be naked? @Loftus_Cheek

Most clients opt to be naked from the get-go during a Tantric massage, but if you’re a little nervous or are concerned about a body hang-up then do feel free to inform your Tantra therapist at the beginning of the session. They will then tailor the massage to undress to your comfort level as the session progresses. Towels and sheets are great for protecting your modesty during an erotic massage.

7. Can I have intercourse? @Linghard

Most Tantric masseuses offer intercourse as part of the Full Service Tantric package, which also includes hand relief and oral. Sex always promises to be the most delicious dessert of a mouth-watering Tantric massage. However, if you’re a Tantric newbie or an individual who craves something tamer then you do have the opportunity to get a happy ending massage which comprises of sweet vanilla hand relief.

8. Do I have to wear a condom? @HarryKan3

A condom has to be worn during intercourse at all times as part of a Tantric massage. Protection is also worn during oral, however you can often request ‘oral without’ for a small extra fee. Always check with your therapist to see what they offer.

9. How many times can I cum? @HazzaRedknapp

Tantric masseuses understand that some gentlemen may ejaculate quicker than others, but don’t worry if you orgasm quick – this doesn’t mark the end of your massage. Most therapists give their clients the chance to go twice in a one hour session. There is also the opportunity for more orgasms if you book a longer time slot.

10. Do I have to tip? @Dyer101

There is no requirement to tip when you come for a Tantric massage. However of course, if you think your therapist has done a good job there is no harm is slipping them some extra cash to show you’ve really enjoyed your session. Masseuses remember good tippers which makes them more inclined to boost their efforts next time you book an appointment.

Ready to take the plunge?

Now all of your burning questions have been answered, there is only one thing left to do – go ahead and book a tantalising and teasing erotic massage here at Bliss Body to Body. Our sexy, seductive and professional masseuses from Asia can’t wait to get their hands on you (and get your love juices flowing too) If you’re feeling cheeky then give our friendly and helpful booking agents a call, they’re wait to kick-start your Tantric journey today.


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