What’s on your Christmas list? An erotic massage is on mine!

At last, winter is finally here… The air is colder and crisper, Christmas lights sparkle off the buildings in London and happy couples walk hand in hand around the German markets. It really is the most wonderful time of the year, well for most people.

I know fully well how lonely the festive season can truly be. You start to wonder if you should have somebody to cuddle up by the fire to watch movies with, or someone to play board games and drink mulled wine with. The days are darker and a lot shorter making it all a bit overwhelming and lonely for sure.

However, when I found myself in this position last Christmas, my work colleague got me the best secret Santa gift a man could ever ask for… An erotic massage! Therefore, if it is not on your list this Christmas, here are 5 reasons it should be –

1. Helps with dry skin

The cold, winter air can be very harsh on your skin. Many people find their faces become itchy, dry and red which is not good when you have many Christmas parties and social gatherings to attend. However, erotic massages provide the same refreshing and rejuvenating techniques that standard massage therapies do. The masseuse will use scented oils and creams to soothing massage the whole body, including your face, helping with your complexion and making you feel a whole lot fresher. It can really moisturize your skin as these oils and gels are packed with vitamins, restoring your body for the winter months!

2. Helps with loneliness

It is safe to say that being single is a lot harder when those winter months arrive, especially around the Christmas period. Everywhere you go you see cute couples ice-skating, having dinner, walking hand in hands around the park and you can’t help but think that you may be missing out.

The best thing about an erotic massage is the close body to body intimacy you have with the masseuse. When I had my first massage I was surprised by how warm and welcoming the massage parlour in central London was. Upon arrival a beautiful, Asian masseuse took my coat off and guided me to a seat where she gave me a mince pie and offered me a mulled wine or hot chocolate. I got to choose the masseuse I wanted and she made me feel very at ease. It was a very relaxing experience and definitely made me feel a whole lot less lonely.

3. It helps your circulation

Due to is close body to body contact, the whole body is massaged and reached throughout an erotic massage. The masseuse will use her naked body to rub against yours, warming up the skin and the blood flow, which helps a lot with your circulation. If you get an erotic massage regularly, you will find this improving a lot, as well as your complexion and colour of your skin. It increases the flow of oxygen and provides many nutrients for the cells around your body. Also, it is very warm and you can have a nice cuddle afterwards!

4. Helps to relieve stress or tension

Christmas can be a stressful time for many as it is hindered by large amounts of work deadlines and you may feel pressured financially as you are expected to buy Christmas gifts. These worries and stresses can cause us a lot of anxiety and we may become overwhelmed with it all. This begins to affect us both mentally and physically and we become very drained.

Erotic massages are highly relaxing and soothing, as well as very arousing. They can help us to eliminate these high levels of anxiety and allow us to take a moment to chill out and remember what is important. We all need a little break at times; an erotic massage treatment can be our special festive getaway.

5. They feel amazing!

And the obvious… Erotic massages feel absolutely amazing! Unlike therapeutic massages, they please and pleasure you in so many different way and give you that sexual gratification that we all need from time to time. The masseuses are always beautiful, model-like Asian women who have been professionally trained to the highest of levels and know exactly what they are doing.

The masseuse begin with a slow and sensual full body to body massage while you are both naked before pleasuring your genitals and other sensitive spots before you reach climax. It is a truly amazing experience, especially over the Christmas period.

Therefore, if you are thinking about getting your friend something a little less conventional for Christmas or you still have not decided what you are putting on your list for Santa Claus, then I highly recommend an erotic massage service.

We have many different massage parlours based in central London that are open daily from 10am-3am, even throughout the Christmas period. We also offer outcall services if you would prefer open of the masseuses to visit you in the comfort of your own home or hotel room.

Click here for more information about erotic massage available in London.

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