What is an Erotic Massage?

An Erotic Massage is a unique style of massage therapy that uses various different techniques to arouse and pleasure certain areas of the body. Usually performed in an intimate manner using body parts such as the hands to focus on bringing relief to the erogenous zones, an erotic massage not only awakens the body but also the mind. Although many professionals like to think of an erotic massage therapy as more of a journey of feelings, a popular outcome at the end of your session is reaching climax or orgasmic bliss. Massage therapy has a very ancient history but erotic massage therapy has been around for many centuries and is used in many different cultures and traditions around the world.

Erotic massage therapy is a very unique and alternative style of massage therapy that has been around for many centuries. It is loved and loathed across the globe and it is quite a difficult topic for many people to get their head around. So how exactly is an erotic massage performed? Whether you get an erotic massage at a massage parlour, receive one from your partner or you are the one performing it, there really is no straight set of rules. Everyone is different therefore what they enjoy during an erotic massage will vary from person to person. However, there are some guidelines that you should follow to ensure that each participant is receiving the full maximum potential that this unique massage style has to offer.

Step 1; Have a conversation – It is important to note that everyone has different boundaries and levels of what they feel comfortable with; therefore it is always a wise idea to have a conversation with the other participant before you begin. Not only does this automatically create a bond between you instantly, it will also make you feel closer together before the massage starts which will make the overall experience better. Also, not everyone you participate in an erotic massage with will be a serious or long-term partner, therefore you may not know what they enjoy and dislike.

Step 2; Set the tone – Atmosphere is everything when it comes to erotic massage therapy. Like any type of massage, you want to feel calm and relaxed throughout the session and your surroundings can certainly have a huge impact on how you feel. Make sure the space is clean and not cluttered, use fresh sheets, dim the lights, light some scented candles and even put on some soothing music to help you both get in the mood. When it comes to erotic massage therapy, it should feel a bit like a fantasy or a dream therefore you should go the extra mile to make it feel special.

Step 3; Make sure you are clean – When it comes to erotic massage therapy, you want to feel as relaxed as you possibly can and making sure you are clean beforehand will certainly make you feel fresh. Having a warm shower beforehand will not only cleanse your body but it will be the first step in washing away any dirt, impurities, bad or negative feelings you may be experiencing.

Step 4; Use lubricant and oils – Using different lubricants and oils during the erotic massage session really sets the tone and allows your body to become a smoother surface, allowing the hands to glide across your skin easily which will ultimately provide your body with a higher sense of relief. Using natural oils and extracts can also be organic relaxers for your mind, helping you to ease your stress and worries.

Step 5; the massage – An erotic massage is a very sensual and soul awakening experience that you have to put your trust in for it to truly work its magic on your body and mind. The masseuse will use her hands, using traditional massage techniques, to combat any pain or tension your body might be experiencing. You will feel rushes of relief throughout your body and mind, making you feel lighter and at ease. Depending on your personal preferences, the massage can also massage your more intimate areas to provide you with complete relief. An erotic massage is known to feel euphoric and almost like an outer body experience with lasting effects.

Why Erotic massage therapy is good for the body & mind

Erotic massage therapy is quite a taboo subject and one that many people do not agree with due to cultural or religious beliefs. Many people believe that it is an act based purely on pleasure when it fact many different people from differing walks of life using erotic massage therapy for a wide scope of reasons such as depression, anxiety, sports injuries, loneliness and confidence.

We have talked to a one of our regular clients to find out exactly why they receive erotic massage therapy and how it has helped their body & mind.

Richard, 36 – “Early in 2017 I was unfortunately in a near death motorbike accident which left me in a wheelchair, paralysed from the waist down. For a while I was very out of contact with my body and it was very hard to accept my new condition. I sat in my wheelchair feeling depressed and lost and I didn’t go to physiotherapy because I didn’t see the point in it if I was never going to walk again. My depression got to the point where I was pushing my family and friends away from me and was slowly isolating myself from not only those that cared about me but also from reality. A good friend of mine suggested that I should try to become one with my body again and learn to appreciate it in new ways and this is where my journey with erotic massage therapy began. I started to have regular sessions that allowed me to focus on how different strokes and movements made different areas of my body feel. Although this was supposed to be a physical task for me, it also became a huge mental one. I found myself eager to appreciate all that my body has to offer, even in its new form and this determination brought back the fire within my mind. I became happier, more positive and magically I began to access more mobility in my body.”

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